Request for Course Completion Certificate

Hi ,

Congratulations on completing Excel School Program.

Now, you can obtain your course completion certificate in few easy steps.

  1. Send an email to with the subject Excel School Certificate
  2. Please include your login ID, best email address, Full name in the body of email.
  3. Please allow us 1 day to email you the certificate
  4. That is all, there is not 4th step.

Please note that you can request for a certificate only after 8 weeks of joining the course.

Your login ID is

4 thoughts on “Request for Course Completion Certificate”

  1. Hello Chandoo,
    I am still studying the lessons and learning about Excel. I believe your lessons are wonderful and I enjoy being able to work at my pace. I will finish all the lessons although it will take me some more time to truly be comfortable using all the skills I am learning.

    I hope I will continue to have access to the lessons for awhile so I can go back and review them as needed.

    I have already recommended your excel school to my family and co-workers.

    Thank you for making this type of learning possible and making it understandable for those of us who learn at a slower rate.

    Jo Luttrell
    Cloverdale,California, USA

  2. Hi Chandoo,
    I still have a couple of lessons to complete before actually completing the class. Being a retired engineer, I have really enjoyed the lessons and the practical experience you bring as the teacher. I’m not sure how I’ll use excel in the future but I know that I have a sound foundation and am well grounded in the fundamentals. I wish you, your family, and all the fellow students all the best for the future.
    Also, I have recommended your class to family and friends.

    Grace and Peace,
    Jeremiah R. Minifield USA

  3. sorry, I clicked on the “Certificate” tab to see what was in it. I didn’t realize by clicking on it it would indicate I was done. I’m not, not yet.

    This is a great course!
    thank you

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