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Welcome to Excel School Online Classroom. Please bookmark this page. You will be visiting it often in the next 8 weeks.

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Purna Duggirala - Your TeacherHi all, My name is Chandoo. Well, actually, my name is Purna Duggirala. But my friends and family members call me Chandoo. You too can call me that.

I will be teaching you Excel for the next 8 weeks and answering your questions.

I live in Visakhapatnam, India. It is a small town in the south east cost of India. I run my own Excel Consulting & Training business from here.

I am married to my college sweet-heart, Jo. We have 2 kids – twins. They are 3 years old now. And very busy running, ruining and rampaging around the house.

You can ask any questions related to class thru comments on that topic. You are also welcome to email me and share your experiences of Excel School. Please write to me at chandoo.d @ gmail.com.

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534 thoughts on “Welcome to Excel School, Introduce Yourself”

  1. Hi All,
    I am Deepak Gupta. I am working for an IT company, Logica Pvt. Ltd, in Mumbai.
    I am always impressed by the features of excel and would like to learn and explore the same.

    I am very keen on learning macros and other features of excel, which I normally see on my menu bar, but never tried playing with them. I hope this is the right place I have come. With the guidance and learning from Chandoo, I would be able to explore them all.


    1. Hi All,

      i am Praveen Dubey. I am working with Franklin Templeton Investments based out of Ahmedabad.

      In current business enviroment excel plays critical role in various reportings and data analysis. Although i always wanted to know more about excel, efforts were scattered given my job responsibilties and traveling.

      Have taken this course as its more organized and offered by somebody who is expert in this field.

      Lets learn together and have fun.


    2. Hi, My name is Dapo Adejumo. I work as a Planning Manager for the Nigerian oil company. I need to be developing fast dashboards in excel to present my Directorate performance and really want to improve my working knowledge of EXcel.
      I hope I will have a good time.


    3. Hi Everybody,

      I am Sridhar,
      I work for Bangalore International Airport.
      I am seeing lot of our Airport project & stress analysis studies this Tool “Excel”.
      I found this interesting and would like to learn more about it. My expectation from this classroom is take away the skills of presenting my project and operation related studies. Further i would like to use the skills to improve my presenting skills and also if possible to build upon it.

  2. Hi,
    I am Shobhit Garg, working as an Business Analyst at Mumbai for Solvay Pharmaceuticals (Now Abbott, the makers of brand Digene). In my job I come across all types of databases & my job is to convert data into information. I want to take my analysis to next level from where it is today in my company, so that I can equip the management with better understanding of market, trends & competitors without making them going through large excel files (which I make as of now).
    For this I am looking forward to techniques & tricks for making Dashboards. Also looking forward to learn many features which I still don’t know that they exist in excel especially formulas & impressive charts (myself got bored by making same typical corporate charts).
    Hugely impressed by Chandoo & regret that I came across this website just couple of months ago.
    Waiting to get awesome in excel.

    My Regards to Chandoo & my classmates with whom I will be interacting in coming days.

    Shobhit Garg

  3. Hi there!,
    I am Fernando, you can call me pibfer o fercho. I´m from Colombia and I live in Bogotá, the capital city. Colombia is a beautiful country in the north of southamerica. My wife is Liliana and we have a daugther, Gabriela, she is 8 years old.
    I´m a mechanical engineer and work for Kia Motors distributor in Colombia at aftersales side.
    A lot of years ago I found this interesting tool named Excel and since that moment I´m a fan of it. Well, although I bought a lot of books related to Excel and got other materials, every day I learn a new stuff in Excel, means that there are still many things to discover.
    I use excel to develop some apps to manage KPI, data to information, and every thing in my mind. I can say that all my work is based on Excel, charts, projects, schedules, ToDo’s and so on.

    Well, I want to start right now!!!

    Nice to meet all of you (virtually!!!)

    Best regards,


  4. Hey Excel School of 2011!
    I am David. I am from South Africa. I am a Sales and Business Unit Manager working for HP in South Africa.
    I have a passion on the side for Excel and to date have used Excel extensively to improve my productivity.
    Looking forward to taking my Excel skills to the next level and engaging with Chandoo and my fellow classmates.

    All the best!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I am Alicia. I live in West Palm Beach Florida. I am a Registered Nurse who recently changed jobs at my hospital from Case Manager to Snr Clinical Analyst (in the IT department).

    I am fairly fluent in Excel but definitely have a lot to improve. It is my hope that this course will help me get better for personal use and use in my new position.

    I am a Philomath (lover of learning) so I love to learn, expand and discover!

    This should be fun.

  6. Hi all,

    While experienced in databases to store data, now I am looking forward to learn about excel. This seems to be a great tool to display and analyze data.

    See you around here in the school

  7. Hello Everyone,

    My Name is Alen Ramic. I am originally from Split, Croatia, born raised there, moved to Frankfurt, Germany, resided there for 4 years and then finally moved to the U.S. I currently reside in Miami, FL working as a Financial Accountant for TechnoMarine USA (http://www.technomarine.com) luxury industry.

    I am very excited to be in this class as I finally found the right course in my opinion that will be effective within minimal amount of time spent.

    Please feel free to connect with me on linkedin.com for further network opportunities,

    Best of luck to all,

    Alen Ramic, MBA

  8. Hi All,

    I am Arun, working as Customer Account Manager in a steel company, India(Chennai)

    As a part of my profession, we spend lot of time in EXCEL preparing charts,tables,analysis,etc.

    I hope this class will help me out to be more productive in the same.


    Arun Selvakumar.

  9. Hi, I am Dinu. I live in Australia while my country of birth is Fiji.
    Have benefitted immensely from Chandoo’s website and need to learn more.

    Have a great day.

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi, I am Abhi Mishra, a Chartered Accountant in New Delhi, India. I am working in a Singapore based company in its New Delhi office as a Finance Controller. My job requires me to do financial modelling and various works which further require extensive knowledge of excel.

    I have joined Chandoo.org with lot of hope and wish to be awesome in excel.

    Thanks and regards

  11. Hello Everyone,

    I am Neha Seth from New Delhi, India. I am working in Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) in Delhi. Currently, I am in bid-process management department (in Public Private Partnership) and want to change my profile and also for my personal interest in Excel, I want to master it and use it for my work.

    Before the school started, I already read loads of posts and saw videos by Chandoo on basics of Excels and he explained everything in awesome way. I am sure it’s going to be more fun learning and using Excel on my own.

    Have awesome time everybody and Happy Learning 🙂
    Neha Seth

  12. Hi All,

    I am Preeti, currently working as management consultant with a global IT firm. My work involves extensive usage of excel as I deal a lot with numbers, multiple worksheets, financial analysis etc. I am always amazed with Microsoft excel as a tool and would like to learn more to make the maximum advantage this tool can offer.

    Looking forward for exciting journey.

  13. Hi All,

    I am Darshana Patil form Pune, India. I work for an Bangalore based IT distribution firm Inflow Technologies. Currently i take care of Sales & Channel in Maharashtra & Gujarat.

    I got to know of Chandoo from ET a few weeks back, and after going through his blogs and posts i felt i still am rookie and always wished to be awesome.

    I am greatly fascinated by Excel and wish to learn all that Excel and Chandoo can teach me :).

    So here i am to be Awesome.


  14. Hi

    I am Prabhat working in a bank as Branch Manager in kolkata ,i am planning to learn excel since long time but due time constraint ,i was not able to join the classes .Now a days good knowledge of excel is imperative for business (specially in banking for business plan and presentation).
    I read about you in Economic Times ,i decided to join your classes instantly after reading the article .


  15. My Name is Laurie Cox Spangle. I am taking this course from Norfolk, VA U.S.A. I work for a small healthcare consulting firms as the right hand for the CEO. One of my goals this year is to provide the CEO with a monthly executive report detailing all of the areas of risk within the organzation. I have used excel to create very simple dashboards, however I need to learn to create a more robust product. I am looking forward to learning with everyone and sharing obstacles and how we have been able to overcome and present a solution.

  16. I’m Stacey Schreft. I develop investment strategy and do economic and financial market research for a registered investment advisory firm in the U.S. I analyze massive data sets and track and analyze hundreds of economic and financial market variables, making heavy use of charts to tell the story in the data. I’m hoping to learn better ways to do what I’m doing, ways the make my workbooks smaller and faster and to minimize the amount of manual updating I have to do, especially for charts. We’re getting ready to make the transition to Excel 2010 from 2003, so I’m also hoping to learn how to do things in both versions.

  17. I’m Richard Ganta. I work as Metrics/Business Analyst for Time Warner Cable. Daily I receive data from various sources. I clean up the data and create reports and graphs. I send daily reports to my upper management. I also create Scorecards and Dashboards for my VP’s Deck.
    My goal is excel in excel.

  18. Hello,
    My name is Kevin. I work as a Finance Operations Specialist in Indiana, USA. Excel is where I do a lot of data processing. I am very excited to improve on my current Excel skills in order to make the processing of data easier, understandable and automated. It is a pleasure to meet all of you (virtually). I look forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

  19. Hello,
    My name is Brian Janis. I work as a Material Control Analyst in Louisiana, USA. Much of my work involves data crunching, and i use excel to do this with. I am hoping to better understand and organize what’s been taking me hours to do, and in the end be more productive.

  20. Hi, I am Prateek. I live in Delhi/NCR (Noida), India. I am currently working as a software engineer & Much of my work involves analysis and database analysis.

    I always wanted to explore excel to advanced level so that’s why I am here. Looking forward to some good learning.



  21. My name is Henry Levy, but I go by the nickname of Hank. I live and work in northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a CPA, and I use Excel for litigation support work as well as for general accounting workpapers. I want to use Excel to download client data from Quickbooks, to manipulate it easily and give clients coherent reports in dashboard form that they will love.

  22. Hi, I am Ram Kapoor. I am from Delhi. I work for an American Financial firm in India as an HR Analyst. I use Excel for Dashboard Reporting and Adhoc Projects.

    I am looking forward to take my level of expertise in Excel to the next level by the end of this course.


    Ram Kapoor.

  23. Hello Everyone,

    My Name is Ankur Jain. I am a marketing manager at LIQVID (based out of Noida, India). I also head Mobile & Internet businesses of the company.

    Business plans and sheets take much of my productive time so I look forward to reduce that time by enrolling into Excel school and devoting more time on executing those business plans.


  24. Hi,
    I work as an IT analyst in Pune,India but I wish to work in Financial Services where I hear is a strong emphasis on Excel Skills. Looking Forward to interact and learn from all people here.


  25. Hello Folks!
    My name is Bharat and I am an Engineering Graduate in Civil. It was always a dream for me to learn Excel, for which i always struggled through various costly books available books in the market but unfortunately nothing worked out. The books were very confusing and since Excel requires analytical skills, it was always difficult for me to correlate formulas with practical situations.
    But after going through overall website of chandoo.org i look forward to enhance and strengthen my soft skills in Excel. My goal is to become awesome in excel and that’s why i am here.

  26. Hi everyone,

    I basically use excel to add rows and columns of numbers and some very basic formulas like add subtract multiply divide :). I am looking at learning much more to make my work faster and more accurate.

    Shiv Ram

  27. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Heather and I live in St. Louis Missouri and work for a Health management and Market Research Company called The Benfield Group. I am always looing for knew ways to display my presentations for all our data results. I am extreamly excited to learn all there is to know about dashboards. Good luck to all and Happy learning !!


  28. Hi Everyone,

    Living in tropical Jamaica and working as a Channel Support Manager in a telecoms company here. My daily routine consist of building or updating dashboards showing the performance of our sales channels. I need to develop more interactive dashboards and to utilize more functionalities in Excel so as to improve my productivity. Want to also set my work further apart from the other analysts in my organization.

  29. Hi All,

    My name is Brenda … I live in Tennessee and work for a large appliance manufacturer. Have enjoyed the news letters and am looking forward to becoming “kick ass” in Excel

  30. Hello all,

    My name is Humberto Ruiz and I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean. I work as a Quality and Business Analysis Manager in an insurance company. Excel is one of our main tools to analyze data but i know I’m only scratching the surface of all the functionality it has. I hope I can become as awesome as all the people that comment in Chandoo.org.

  31. Hello All, my name is John Pipkin. I live and work in Germany. I work in civil service, my position is that of Director of my organization. My intent is learn more about excel and apply it to my job. Look forward to the class.


  32. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Claudia Dowell and I live in a small village in the Netherlands. I have a small marketing company specialised in education. We help schools, colleges and Universities recruit students using online advertising. I really want to support them understand and improve efficiencies and we collect alot of data for our clients. If I could learn how to make awesome dashboards, I would be able to give them very valuable data instead of just a mass of figures and excel fits their budgets perfectly.

  33. Hello! My name is Dave. I live in Washington, DC and I work as a analyst at a financial company. I am trying to break out of the office and start a few websites that will ideally get me enough income to allow me to travel. Hopefully I will learn some skills here that will applicable. If all else fails, I think being skilled in Excel is an invaluable quality.

    1. Go for it Dave! I’d ideally like to make websites and quit my office job. It’s all about taking steps, everyday, no matter how small, towards your goal. Keep it up!



  34. Hi All
    I am Baba Kishore, more known by Baba. I am based at Hyderabad and i work for one of the largest infra company. As a finance professional, i am always glued to numbers and two favourite colours which i am associated for most of my day is Black & White print. I always like to be a learner and i wish to derive awesome learning here. I am a basic user of excel and would like to understand the basics i did not look at and indulge in learning advanced excel which will shorten my workings and improving my productivity.

  35. Helllo
    I am Thomas Abraham , Chartered Certified Accountant, working fro Lloyds Banking Group in Edinburgh Scotland. I always have passion to development skills and find this a great venue to nurture them. Hopefully will be skilled with spreadsheet in the coming days and wish you all great success in your life.

    Thanks Chandoo for your effort and passion.

  36. Hello,
    I am Jayan, working as Support Assistant in Canada. My job is to help and create spreadsheets for managers/directors.
    I am still a newbie to excel. I hope to learn few tips and be more productive in creating spreadsheets.

  37. Hello,

    my name is Burhan. I am Indonesian, working in Vietnam for a baby food company. I need to improve my excel for data analysis and dashboard reporting.

    Chandoo thanks for gathering all of us.

  38. G’day everyone,

    I’m Elizabeth and work in IT in Australia. Although I have been using Excel from back when it was called Multiplan, I never really learned it past an intermediate level. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone.


  39. Hello everyone!
    I am Nancy, A Registered Nurse working in Atlanta, Georgia USA as Director of Compliance for a health care company. I can see great benefit to improving our data collection, analysis and presentation. My skills need development!

  40. Hello,
    I’m Alan from Canada.
    Big country, small population.
    I was promoted to “transportation” analyst (it means I have to make charts, keep data and present for ALL departments – LOL). I want to make collecting and displaying data easier and more FUN! Yes, I want everyone to have fun when they see my charts. You can do that, right Chandoo?

  41. Hi All,

    My name is Deepak and I work for a industrial valve manufacturing company – JCF Fluid Flow and am based in Abu Dhabi. Much of the reporting activity is done in Excel and have joined the program to develop my skills.

  42. Acually its John Halm. I used her CC to pay for the class. This is my second excel school with Chandoo. The first one was very good. I’m looking forward to this course as it will sharpen my skills as a itermediate Excel user but want more. Chandoo is very gracious and a great teacher. I currently work for the U.S. Government but I am unhappy there, at least right now. Hopeefully we will pull out of this recession and generate some new jobs that I can apply for. I am a Professional Engineer and have an MBA in Finance. I have wife and 4 kids.

  43. Hi all,

    I’m Santino from Perú. I work as a bussiness project analyst in a Milk Company. I love to do simulations to evaluate projects, high-impact reports and sales dashboard. This is my second excel school with Chandoo. For this second Excel School i am very interested in dahsboards module.

  44. Hi, My name is Shabana, That’s my hubby’s name above whose CC I used to pay for this. I live in the Middle East with my family. What attracted me to Chandoo’s school is his approach to teaching which makes it seem not as complicated as I thought it to be, I am not a total newbie, but my use and knowledge of Excel has been limited to the very basic level, and I plan on becoming really awesome!. I am currently taking a break from work to persue other interests, who knows I may land myself a better job after this course.
    Good luck to all.

  45. Hello everyone,
    My name is Cary (named after Cary Grant who was originally born in Bristol in England – my mother had a crush on him). I suspect that my career path is different from many of you having recently taken semi retirement after 20 years with American Express followed by 8 years running my own hotel in Bath UK. With my background as a Chartered Accountant I have now turned my hand to running the finance functions for a couple of small companies ranging from bookkeeping through to forecasts and budgets which takes up a couple of days a week. Last October while trying to improve my basic knowledge of Excel through another online course subscribed to by one of the above companies I discovered dashboards which I believe will help owner managers of these small businesses focus more on their results, an area that many of them tend to bury their heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist.
    I am looking forward to the course and hopefully an ability to develop and impart dashboards to a range of small companies.

  46. Hi, my name is George and I am the leader of a PMO for an IT organization in Princeton, NJ. I am involved in developing software that is used by our professionals to conduct Audits worldwide. My interest in the course is driven by the desire to develop effective status reporting and dashboards which effectively communicate the status of our projects – especially based on the methodology, context and risks facing the project. The bottom line is that I am looking to provide more value in reporting and I believe that this course will open up possibilities in the areas involving Excel.
    I look forward to the course and in interacting with everyone

  47. Hello everyone

    i am kamlakar & i work for Hindustan Unilever Ltd , based at Mumbai . I work here as a demand planner & have to use numbers extensively , so i thik this is the right palce for me to learn & make use of excel for doing my job better. i am always fascinated by the way excel & pivot tables work . want to know many more things here about excel so that i become fantastic in excel.
    good to know u all

    look forward to learn from each one of u

  48. Hi all excel enthu’s,
    Im Vikram Singh(BE,MBA), worked with Infosys Technology Ltd for 3 yrs (whr i used excel on a daily basis) as a Lead recruiter. Now working with Prestige Group, as Manager for a mall(i dont use use much of excel here)
    I enjoy working on excel, which makes life simple. Excel became my hobby after following Chandoo’s blog :). My intention to join this excel school to become a master in excel which will help me in my future endevours. It will also be great to interact with different people from various walks of life .

    Happy learning all!!

    1. Hi Vikram,

      I am from the Garden City of B’lore, atleast it was known as this while I was growing up there but has since been called Pub City, Mall City and I guess a lot more…but it is still a beautiful city with a vibrance all its own. Look forward to being in this awesome Excel class with you and the others. – Faisal

  49. Hi Everyone,

    I am Chaitanya,working for an IT company in Bangalore. I have been following Chandoo’s website and wish to excel in EXCEL.


  50. Hello everyone,

    I am Prashant Maheshwari . Have never ever taken a course like this before . I really wish to learn about excel , it’s shortcuts and macros !

  51. Hi,
    I am George Oommen, working for an petrochemical company in Abu Dhabi. Got fasinated by Chandoo switch over from management to excel mastero, so thought to take a look into his product which I found very interesting. Even lately I became his client for one of his prepared dashboard report which very useful. Well with this experience I would like to know more on Excel.

  52. Good day everyone,
    I’m Terri and I am from Indiana, USA. I currently work at a university and prepare data reports for my bosses. I see value in visualizing the data I create in reports. However, I need help doing that which is why I signed up for the course. I also want to be able to “see” the story in the data…. the patterns…to make the information more valuable to the users to whom I send it. I am very interested in the Dashboard lessons. I also want to know more about the program itself as I feel I have only scratched the surface of what Excel can do. I am excited about what you’ll teach us over the coming weeks, Chandoo.
    All the best to you and others in our class,

  53. Hello,

    My name is Jerome Ware. I’m a recent MBA from the Ross School of Business and am excited to begin diving into the intricacies of Excel (I’m especially interested in dashboards). I’m currently working consulting as a project manager for companies in Southern California.


  54. Hi my name is Alejandro and I live in San Jose, Costa Rica. I work in Finance (budgeting and variance analysis) for a large international transportation company. I have been using excel for years, but decided to take this course to fine tune my excel skills even further. I have been recieving chandoo’s newsletter for over a year now, and this is my first purchase.

  55. Hi, My name is Jake and I’m from Dallas, USA. I’m a division manager for a national sales team. Where I work, there’s no shortage of data. However, we’re much better at collecting the data than we are at drawing insights from it to drive our business. Most of the information we collect can be exported to Excel. I’d like to hone my Excel skills so I won’t be limited to the cookie-cutter reports currently available to my team. Looking forward to becoming “awesome” in Excel.

  56. Hello,
    I am a paralegal working for a global law firm in Wheeling West Virginia, US.
    I use excel for performance monitoring of our document review projects.
    Dashboarding is a current topic of interest for us which is why I am taking this course.
    I have used excel for some time now but am ready to become “awesome” in it.
    (as an aside, I am more of a vba person than a macro person. Need to learn more about macros however.)

  57. Hello,

    My name is Mike Bedan and I from Denver, Colorado, USA. I work for a global engineering company in the Environmental Services business group. I use Excel every day at work to analyze and present chemical concentration data in contaminated environmental media (soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, soil gas, indoor air). I am pretty proficient using Pivot Tables (for non-business applications).

    My interests in this course are too learn more about certain functions, developing dashboards, creating charts, and to begin learn more about macros and VBA.


  58. Hi Mike, my name is actually John Halm. I used my wifes credit card to pay for the course so the automated emails must capture the credit card name “Barbara Halm.” Anyway, I was interested in your occupation. I am a Professional Engineer and have worked in environmental work since 1986. My specialties are source air emissions testing, permitting, IAQ, UST removals and LUST, remmedial activities, RCRA Parts A and B permitting, and air emissions modeling. I work for a small company out of my home. Who do you work for? I’m looking to go into a environmental services to get a paycheck every two weeks instead of calling my client and following delinquest receivables. You will find Chandoo is really nice guy and does a great job teaching. Also, he provides tons of links to other helpful sites and free Excel Tips. He’s the best.

    Good luck.

    John Halm

  59. Hi All
    I am Rajeshwari Nair. I am working in the Finance department of an Investment Fund in Oman. My husband while searching for excel learning tips came across Chandoo.org and was very much impressed by the contents of the website. He recommended me to join this excel school. Though I use excel everyday in my office, I have not learnt it systematically and there is a lot remaining to be learnt in excel.

    I hope to sharpen my skills in excel in Chandoo’s excel school. I am happy to be one among you.

  60. Hi everyone.

    I am Kalyan. completed MBA and working with commodity finance team of HDFC bank.Mumbai. India

    Excel always interests me with wide usage and applications.I wanted to master this subject from my college days but couldn’t do it because of my grueling work schedule.

    Even after working for 7 + years in various organisations ,I am still a beginner in excel.
    I want to do better in my work place by mastering this subject .


  61. Hi

    I am Habib, I work at steel plant, in East Chicago, Indiana, USA.

    I analyze massive data sets and track and analyze hundreds variables, prepare charts to see trends. I’m hoping to learn better ways to do what I’m doing, ways that makes my workbooks smaller and faster and to minimize the amount of manual updating.

    I also create Scorecards and Dashboards for monthly KPIs, for board meetings.

    I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone.

  62. My name is Ravi. I work as a performance analyst. My role is to present the performance data in a way the managers, customers, programmers and end users can understand well to make a right decision in choosing servers, applications, and adding resources to the data center configurable items. My objective for this course is learn more about charting, preparing capacity trending graphs, and using dashboard to impress all of customers.

  63. My Name is Jeff. I work as a Program Analyst for a hospital in San Diego. I am looking to enhance my skill in excel and new ways to present data. I am looking particularly forward to the dashboard portion. I would like to create one that helps track our performance data.

  64. My name is Vikas. I work for a ITES company out of Pune, India. My role involves extensive work on technology evaluation, market analysis of technology adoption and program management on technology competency development. I have used various tools for these in the past but never cosnider excel as seariouly for these. I am excited to realize i can do a lot more with excel then i thought initally and am thus keen to learn excel as a power user (hopefully become somewhat awesome 🙂 with it. )

    Came to Chandoo’s blog by accident but since then loved reading and knowing more of excel here. Been eagerly waiting fro this course to start and look forward to making the most of this.

    Thanks everyone and look forward to interacting with you all through the course of the next few weeks.

    best- Vikas

    Thanks Chandoo for the amazing work you have done on this.

  65. Hi I am Venkat RAMAN working Melbourne- Australia, I hope this online lesson will help me to sharpen my report writting for the projects. I do not have much knowledge in excel other than basic functions. Thanks to Chandoo for providing this online course.
    Looking forward to learn more.

  66. Hi all,

    Good day! I am Chun Lee from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am working in debt capital market and doing structuring finance for financial institutions. I have been using Excel since 1997 to build financial model. I hope I could brush up my VBA skill so that I can have better work life balance. I hope I can build model in vba that could pass the audit test of the auditor, visually professional, calculate fast and user friendly. It includes scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, stressed testing and others.

  67. Hello Chandoo,

    I am a manager for analytics for a bio-pharmaceutitcal firm in Atlanta, GA. I have some experience with dashboards and macros, but want to improve my skills so that I am more efficient at building more visually instructive charts and dashboards. I would also like to develop my VBA skills. Looking forward to the classes.

  68. Hi everybody,
    My name is Ravi Mehta, residing at Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. I work for an Oil Marketing Company BPCL in Mumbai as Manager Retail MIS.

    It was a long cherished desire to be awesome in excel as lot of time is spent for collating data from Regions and making huge excel sheets. I am sure that with the added skills gained here, shall be able to save lot of time which can be gainfully used for fulfilling my other hobbies like reading, music and trekking.

    Good luck to everybody

    Ravi Mehta

  69. My name is Amy Sodeinde. I work for a commercial mortgage company in Bethesda, MD (USA) in the Washington D.C. region as an underwriter. Excel knowledge and skill is crucial in my line of work as we structure and underwrite loans for real estate assets. I have become a student in the Excel School to improve and hone my skills.

  70. Hi,
    My name is Ram working as a Group CFO for an IT Distribution Co based in Dubai and having presence thro’ subsidiaries in Germany, Holland, Austria, Miami , UAE & India. I use exensively Excel in my day to Day work and I hope to hone my skills further thro’ this school.

  71. Hello, My name is Ailene MacKay. I am a certified senior portfolio manager/project manager in the Healthcare IT industry in Columbus, Ohio. I am interested in learning how to create more advanced excel dashboards.
    Thank you

  72. Hello,
    My name is Joseph Holmes and I live in Missouri in the USA. I’m required to keep metrics for my job and I’m looking for a better way to present those metrics than what I’m doing right now. It’s real amazing to see so many people from different parts of the world taking part in the same class.

  73. Hi! My name is Simon, living in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. This is my first time on online excel class and after attending some excel classes in KL, which are very expensive and learn very little from them, so I try out the online excel class for the first time. Hope I can please my boss when I am finish with this course.

  74. Hello Everyone,
    I’m Hrishali. I work in Somerset, NJ. I have recently made a significant change in my career and my new role requires me to create reports, charts and what not. My excel skills are rudimentary at best so that when i’m in meetings and expected to understand what Pivot tables and dashboards mean, or to compute formulae and create all these results my eyes get crossed.
    I’m hoping that at the end of this course Excel will mean more to me than a bunch of cells. 🙂

    Let the training begin!

  75. hello everyone. my name is bedyalud mendoza. i am mexican and currently reside in the violent state of nuevo leon, mexico. specifically monterrey city.
    you can call me marianito or becha, whatever suits you better.
    i am a public accountant whos in the midst of creating his first entrepenaur project.
    i have been learning advanced excel since november of last year and stumbled by chance into chandoo’s site.
    now i wanna learn excel beyond any normal scopes and become awesome in its utilization.
    saludos a todos (hi to everyone); i expect to learn from each and everyone of y’all

  76. Hi all.

    This is Andrés Luque from Madrid (Spain).
    Main goal: to “leap-frog” from basic tasks to communicate effectively, especially in project management, business modelling and web analytics environments.


  77. Hello All,

    I am Beno working as a Finance Manager at Grumeti in Tanzania. I do a lot of number crunching and report designing for my clients who in this case are the Management of the company, the Owners office, banks, lenders and regulatory offices. I am a novice in excel and hence the reason for my joining the school.

    I hope to be a different excel user after this course.

    Thank you so much!


  78. Hi everyone,
    I work for a research institution in the southeast (US) and do a lot of progress reporting. I’m learning Excel and am grateful to Chandoo (and to all contributors) for this class!

  79. Hi everyone,

    My name is Carlos Cantu and I live in Monterrey, Mexico. I am a Business Intelligence Consultant and Excel is a very important tool for me, I researched extensively for the most effective way to relly learn to use Excel and I found Chandoo blog and Excel School, I am ready to start.

    Thank you Chandoo for this excellent option.

  80. Hi, My name is Nicole Manning. I work in Silver Spring, MD for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I am a program analyst and project manager. I am looking forward to different ways to expand my knowlege of excel. Thanks.

  81. Hello, my name is Prem, and I’m all the way from Auckland, New Zealand. I work as an Analyst at the Department of Labour, with a focus on measuring the performance of our website amongst other things. I’ve been using excel for a while, but only recently have taken extra effort to become awesome at it.

    I’m also half way through Daniel Ferry’s Excel Hero Academy (which has truly changed the way I use excel and is BRILLIANT), and I’m hoping to pick up a few more bits and pieces here.

    Any fellow students from NZ?

  82. Hello,
    I am Ashwini- interested in sharpening excel skills and learn about DashBoards. I am a health care management professional and hoping to gain excel skills to get into HC consulting. I am really impressed with your systematic website and contents. Thanks a lot!

  83. Hello Everyone,
    I am a Financial Analyst with a manufacturing company and handle a lot of operations data which I analyze and present to the executive management. I am excited to be in this class with so many of you from around the world. I am looking forward to improving my Dashboard skills as well as learning & sharing ideas with all of you. All the best!

  84. Hi there,

    my name is Uwe and I am from Germany. I am the commercial director of a steel manufacturer and always enjoy working with Excel. My skills are already quite OK, but I am always on the lookout for opportunities to improve. I already joined the financial training course which was very impressive and thought this course by Chandoo would be a good chance to become more professional. Thanks for your offering from this side. I really appreciate your efforts to train us and share your skills. Enjoy to be here.

  85. Hello to you All! My Name is Marc Vas Dias and I am a Network Design Manager with HP Enterprise Services. I work from home in Eastern North Carolina. I would still classify myself as an advanced Novice to beginning intermediate Student where Excel is concerned; this is no one’s fault but my own! I am really looking forward to working at becoming an expert, in time. This skill set applies to so many different industries and job roles, that there is no way anyone should ignore training of this kind and quality. — Marc Vas Dias

  86. Hi Chandoo,
    This time i am not introducing myself but want to share my two weeks experience along with other students of excel school. I always have fear of using excel in my day to day work because of lack of competency with it. Whenever boss asked me, for some data i use to panic , but after joining Chandoo’s classes the biggest achievement or reward i received is i started loving Excel and there is still to learn a lot…..
    Hats off Chandoo…..

  87. Annette Calco
    Hi everyone,
    I work in the Treasury Services Department for Sterling National Corp.
    I use excel everyday in my job. I am always looking to better myself in my work.
    I know these classes will be a great help.
    I am so happy to be able to join all of you.
    Best of luck to you all.

  88. Hi All,

    I work as a senior project manager and analyst for a distribution and fulfillment operation of a global media company. I’ve been using Excel daily for over ten years and consider myself fairly adept. I’m looking forward to learning some new skills, breaking some bad habits, and putting the dashboard lessons to good use almost immediately.



  89. Hi All,
    This is Guru working as Training Manager in Maldives. I am very much excited to join in Excel school to learn about excel from chandoo.
    I got an opportunity to bring chandoo and organize an excel workshop in Maldives. It was very successful.
    Chandoo is really a cool pal!
    I am happy learn excel through chandoo

  90. Greetings,

    This is Sheron Lowe, a senior database administrator in the U.S. I am excited that my manager, Gregory Johnson, accepted my request to acquire new skills using Excel. Learning to create execute reports and dashboards is my goal.

    Thanks Chandoo for this opportunity.

  91. Hi All:

    I’m a Controller working in “Silicon Valley” (SF Bay area, California, USA), I want to improve my Excel skills so I can be more proficient in my job.

    Harry, CPA

  92. This is Goverdhan Totawar , a SAP NW consultant working in South Africa.
    I would like to improve my excel skills, which I think is must have skill to be productive in my day to day life @ work and home.


  93. Hi all ,
    my name is vittorio Lo Russo and I’m working in Italy as tarde marketing manager for an automotive company .
    I was impressed about knowledge of Chandoo in excel environment and for the level of discussion about it .

    I’m sure that using excel school and example I can learning a lot from you.

    Greetings from Turin (Italy)

  94. Hi Y’all. I am Chris Addison. I am working for an insurance company in the southeastern United States. I have always been amazed with excel. Seeing what people can do with formulas, dashboards, pivot tables amazes me.
    Most of the time I find the answer on Chandoo’s website as I research different methods to extract information. I am very impressed with the detail of the answers.

    I am newley married to a wonderful woman with three step children who are all grown.

  95. Hi everyone. I am the lead financial analyst for a tech startup in the SE USA. Being a startup, we are heavily reliant on excel. I am looking forward to improving my dashboard design skills.

  96. I am a Mechanical Engineer , based out of Nigeria , West Africa . I am the General Manager ( Operations ) of a Company here into business of Sales / Service of Mining , Drilling Equipments , Compressors, Pumps , Fork Lifts ETC . I am attempting to hone my Excel Skills- both for business and helping my Children .

  97. Hello to All –

    I am a Data Analysts for tw telecom working in Denver, Colorado. I pull data from various systems, cross data, add some color, a few lines here and there, and finally create a reporting deck that is used by upper managemet in various meetings. Bigger and Better every day.

  98. Hello Everybody,
    I am Wichian, working as a factory planning manager in Thailand.
    I love to take advantage from Excel‘s features and right now want to become excel in Excel by taking most of Macro and VBA as well as Scorecard & Dashboard to make my planning & analysis efficient ever.
    I will master my Excel with the helpful learning tips & tricks disseminated and coached by Chandoo and learn from my classmate.

    Let’s enjoy the calss!!!


  99. Hello
    I am Jay, working as senior buyer at The american university of sharjah. My knowledge in excel is very limited and being in supply chain, i can enhance my professional performance if i master this magic, kickass tool!!

    great to meet you chandoo!


  100. Howdy all, my name is Kevin Foster and I work for the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs in Salt Lake City, Utah as a Management Analyst. I have been dabbling in Excel for several years but never had the time or inclination to dig past the surface of it. Now I find myself needing to know much more! Unfortunately, being the government, we are still using Excel 2000, but I have 2010 at home. Hopefully I can take what I learn and apply it to the dinosaur version we have at work until we finally upgrade to 2007 later this year (so I am told)… This course came highly recommended and I look forward to learning a lot here!

  101. Hi All

    I am with a Telecom Services Company at Senior Management level. I am on long leave from work due to personal health issues and looking for ways to spend time meaningfully. Learnt from my husband about the Excel School and yourself, Chandoo and here i am in the class.

    I have been using excel for quite sometime now but didn’t have opportunity to excel in it.
    Looking forward to lessons which would enhance my excel skills.

    Best Wishes


  102. I work as Document Controller for a construction project

    i am looking for solutions to monitor the process of drawings submittals, correspondence register, such things…

    Best wishes to all..


  103. My name is Ilona and I am currently working for a small semiconductor company as a Project Coordinator.
    I possess a Master Degree in Statistical Process Control. I am very familiar with statistical software, and analysis but I also would like to learn more about excel and be able to help out my team with analysis in excel. I am very much interested to learn about excel formulas and macros, and how to prepare a Dashboard(s) for the management review.

    I am looking forward to learn from a wonderful teacher, Chandoo,

    Warm Regards,

  104. Hi

    I am Aravind and a chartered accountant working in education sector at Hyderabad, India. Reason behind joining is to know the unknown things in excel which could be very effective in analyzing and presenting data in an enhanced way.

  105. Hello!

    I am a nurse practitioner, living in Venice, California. For the past several years I have worked on all aspects of the electronic medical record (EMR). I am currently working as a consultant for an IT firm. Becoming more facile in Excel will only help. Besides, I love learning new skills and applying them where ever I can.

    I have follow Chandoo for a long time and am glad that I have made the leap into the Excel School!

  106. Hi All,

    I am Neha from Mumbai, I working as a Demand planning Analyst at an FMCG. My work involves a lot of data crunching and report creations.

    Have been a avid follower of Chanoo.org and am happy to join the excel school

    It is indeed a pleasure to meet u all ( virtually tough :P)

    Hope to have gr8 learning

    Neha !!

  107. Hi

    My name is Muhammad Uzair Hakim from Lahore Pakistan. Working in Kohinoor Maple leaf group (Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited Raiwind Division) as Manger Costing.

    Its pleasure to join excel school.

    Have a great excel learning



  108. Hi everybody,

    I am Manik Nandi from Kolkata. I am working in a consultancy firm as MIS expert.

    Its pleasure to join excel school.

    Have a great excel learning

    Best Regards


  109. My name is Joel Urban. I am a Measurement & Verification Engineer for an energy services company in the Washington, D.C. area. I am fairly advanced user of Excel already, but I am evaulating Excel School as a possible training course for my department’s employees in the future, since we use Excel on a daily basis in our work. I am looking forward to the dashboard and macro training, though; these are areas I am not very skilled with.

    Nice to meet y’all!

  110. Hi All,
    I am Nidhi. I am working in a PMO of an IT company.

    I need to excel in excel (:)) to do better at work and that my reason for joining this program.

    Happy learning…:)

  111. Hi All,

    This is Ramesh working for a Large Retail Chain as Senior MIS Manager. We use excel extensively and would like to contribute a lot for my company and my colleagues thru knowledge sharing. Learn and Enjoy.


  112. Hi All,

    My name is Hans Harvey and I’m working as a Senior IT Project Manager. I’ll always wanted to master Excel as analytic and reporting tools and I believe it will be of great help in my quest.



  113. Hello everyone,
    Im viswa and working as an IT Consultent in Bengalore, i was impressed by one of chandoo’s online sample lessons. There i was decided to join this school to explore my knowledge w.r.to Pivot Charts, macros and more into dashboards. Chandoo Saar, thanks for the nice opprtunity. I hope i will do my best.

    Thanks & Regards

  114. Hi my name is Carole Biddy and I work for GlaxoSmithkline in the Health Clinic as the Database Administrator. I want to learn more about dashboards and pivot tables. I’m a self starter and hands on learner. Wish me luck! haha

  115. Hello All,

    My name is Meraj and I am currently a financial analyst in Washington, DC (USA). To gain a distinct advantage, I am looking forward to honing my Excel skills and take it to the next level!

  116. Hello classmates!

    Hope you are all keeping well. My name is Gary. I’m Irish. I’ve spent the last 18 months working in England as a Lean specialist. Before that I spent 2 years in Italy. I’m an Industrial Engineer at heart and expecting to learn lots of great things concerning how to fully utilise Excel. 🙂

    Feel free to send me a message or add me on linked in.


    Onwards and upwards,


  117. Hello to everyone,

    My name is Denise Blake-Baxter and I am from New Zealand. I have recently become a Plant Manager and need to upgrade my excel skills including being able to provide dashboard information to management.

    I look forward to sharing my progress from mediocre to great !!! with you all.


  118. Hello, my name is Kelly Wright. I am a financial planner in Washington DC. I have used Excel back to the days it was called Lotus (about 1985 when I started my MBA), but have never had any training at all. I am looking forward to my experience here and appreciate everyone’s patience as I learn and progress with our group.

    All the best,


  119. Hi Classmates,

    My name is Regine and I am college senior from the Philippines. I signed up for excel school to pass a Microsoft Excel exam that is required for graduation. Further, I would like to count being proficient in Microsoft Excel as one of my assets in my job-hunting. Thank you so much to Chandoo for all the effort in putting up and maintaing Excel School! I am looking forwarding to becoming truly AWESOME IN EXCEL!

  120. hi,

    i am bharat kathuria,running a garment export house,
    looking after my financials
    find intresting excel features so
    really intrested in learning more so i can be more dependent on myself for the efficency of work and the possibilities of great excel.

    really curious,, how i can cope up with the others and learn great features

    1. Hi Bharat,

      I find it so fascinating that you run a garment export house. I am also interested in entering the garment/apparel/fashion business as well! I am glad to meet you, and I wish you all the best with your progress here in Excel School!


  121. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Lynne and I live in the UK. I have my own Data Solutions Company and we use Excel as part of our services in analytics and reporting. I am particularly interested in developing my skills in creating awesome dashboards!

    I also want to become very proficient in Excel and impress my colleagues….here’s wishing me luck! Roll on the eight weeks when I will be an awesome Excel user!!

  122. I am enjoying the Excel School very much. Just one thought. It would be nice to have some printed examples to follow while we are going through the training. We could be listening to the training and making notes on the examples while we are learning. This would be very helpful as future reminders. Thank you.

    1. @Arun… the basic process for worksheet protection is like this.

      Select the cells you want to protect.
      Press Ctrl+1 (or go to format cells)
      From protection tab, make sure the you have locked the cells
      Now, right click on worksheet name
      Select protection
      Give a password
      Re-type the password
      Now, you can only select the cells, but not edit them
      To Edit, you need to unprotect the sheet by entering the password.

  123. Hi, I’m Kerrie Jones, I work for a major aerospace/defense contractor in the US and plan on using excel to further my promotion potential by creating the most accurate and impressive pivot tables and dashboards for tracking metrics.

    Looking forward to becoming an expert in Excel!

  124. Hello,
    My name is Tania Aikman I am currently unemployed and a student @ Nova Southeastern University. I am here to learn as much as I can in excel, I love accounting and I realized I will need to know how to utilize excel to complete my tasks faster, also I notice that on every interview the employers are now testing each person on their skills.

  125. Hello everyone,
    My name is Michael Rapp and I am residing in Munich, Germany, town of the Oktoberfest, the original Hofbrauhaus, wonderful beer and bread – and hopefully of the Winter Olympics 2018. I am married and have two beautiful daughters, both just over 20 years and studying.
    My passion and profession is architecture, enriched over the last 15 year by the study and application of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of harnessing the powerful natural energy surrounding us.
    In my job I have been using Excel for the past 15 years a lot for cost estimating and project accounting. However the main focus of my present Excel work is the new version of a Feng Shui template which calculates the hidden properties of QI and displays the findings on very involved circular charts over the floor plan of a building. In order to create a state of the art tool for professional consultants I need all the expertise in Excel I can get.

    Looking forward to the course
    From Munich

    1. Hi Michael!
      How I would like to see a sample of your work in Excel, what a great idea!

      And, I want to live there… Oktoberfest…wow!

      Best regards!

  126. Hi everybody!
    I am 54 years old – and perhaps the oldest member of this virtual class! I worked in the Indian Air Force for 20 years before taking premature retirment in 1998. Today, I am a Director in a mid-sized company that trades in high-end medical equipment.

    In the course of my work, I have to analyze lot of sales, financial, and similar business data to take appropriate strategic decisions. Over the last few years, I have taught myself Excel by reading books and experimenting on my my own. However, I feel I now need structured learning to take my decision making to a different level. I think Chandoo’s Excel school is just the kind of teacher that I need.

    I look forward to a great learning experience!

    Gurbaksh S Seda

  127. Hi. My name is Tim Hediger and I work as Director of Quality Improvement in a community hospital in Pennsylvania. Quality improvement is very data driven and I want to develop dashboards for both front line staff and also for the CEO and Board of Directors. I have dabbled in using Excel manually for this purpose, but would like to take advantage of techniques I have not yet explored.
    Oh.. and I am 52. 🙂

  128. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Jack and I work in the washington dc area. I work for a training department that use excel alot. I am interested in learning excel to better improve our processes and to enhance my skills.

  129. Hello Everyone,
    I am Rajeshwari & work in an IT company in Bangalore. I have been using basic features of excel since ’97. I happen to read article about Chandoo in msn news and came across this website. As I have never used macros I would like to learn about them here and also new & advanced features of excel.


  130. Hi, I’m Andie Rice.

    I work in Entertainment, in Production Finance. Based in Los Angeles, California.

    I plan to use Excel School to become awesome in Excel, of course!

  131. Good day

    I am Mark Metzger from chilly Minnesota USA. I am excited to learn and understand the capabilities that Xcel has to offer. I am beginning utilize financial spreadsheets daily and would like to understand the power of xcel.

    thank for the welcome

  132. Hi All,
    I am sanal, working as an analyst in Bangalore. I do use excel as a part of my daily job, but would like learn & explore more on the advanced features & become more proficient. Must say inputs here by chandoo has been very useful & excel school is a perfect lauchpad.


  133. Greetings!

    I am Neal Jennings, and am very excited about beginning the journey thru Excel School. I am always fascinated by the things we can accomplish with Excel, and humbled at the same time when I realize I only understand about 10% of what Excel can do. I found Chandoo by looking for resources on dashboards. So far I am very impressed and excited to get started. I look forward to learning with and from each of you.


  134. I am getting ready to start a second masters program, and I knew I needed to brush up on my excel and finance skills to be successful. I am thrilled that I found Chandoo’s site, as this is exactly what I needed.

    Best wishes to you and I hope you find much success with this site.

  135. Hi… I am Harini, working as business intelligence executive at a pharma company. I want to learn abt dashboards and charts for improving certain things in my job. Hope I would be able to prepare world class reports soon 🙂


  136. Hi,

    I am Tom Cooney and I work as an executive at a manufacturing company. I want to take my Excel skills to a higher level and also leverage other people’s perspectives on dashboards.


  137. Hi,

    I am Rasmus Goth Engel and I work as a Business Controller in a knowledge center. I want to improve my visual excel skills as we are increasing our usage with excel together with our Business Intelligence envirenment.

    Best regards

  138. Good afternoon.

    I am Mark Paradis and I am a data analyst for a large staffing company. I enrolled in the excel school to broaden my knowledge of MS Excel and to learn how to compile dashboards. I look forward to “meeting” each of you in this virtual school.

  139. Hello,

    My name is Billy. I live in Houston, TX with my wife and our three daughters. I run a vocational school.

    Looking forward to asking a lot of questions and meeting some great people while learning Excel!

  140. Hello Chandoo and everyone,

    I am Alvino from Singapore.

    I fell in love with Excel 2 years ago when i started to work as a data analyst sort of. I have borrowed all the books of Excel in library, watched and listened to podcasts of MrExcel and other MVPs during this time. I also attended courses on Introduction to Excel VBA and Excel Database Modelling during this period.

    However, I always feel that there is something new to learn in Excel every time. The more i learn, the more i realise that.

    My main purpose of this course is to learn more about Dashboard. But i believe i will gain more than that looking at the rich lesson plan.

  141. Hi my name is Clay Chilcott.
    I live in Carlsbad, CA and work as a financial analyst for a private health care company. I recently earned my MBA, but still felt that my excel skills for my job responsibilites were far from adequate. I am looking forward to becoming “awesome” at excel and how it will improve my output at work–present and future.

  142. Hi! My name is Christy Lee Ward.
    I live in Wisconsin and found Chandoo’s site a couple of years ago when I wanted to learn how to do some VLookups for a project I was doing. I have cruzed on to the blog site for every Excel question I have had since then!

    For just about every job that I have held, I find myself solving business problems by turning to Excel. Over the years, I have really become an Excel addict!! So….when I found I had a the money in my FUN Fund, I enrolled in the Dashboard program.

    I know to some folks that might sound a little twited…..but I’m hoping it will keep me out of trouble for a little while. 🙂 And, it will be one more, as my boss says, ribbon in my bow, of value I can bring to my job.

  143. Hi Everyone,

    I am Suresh Manchala working for HSBC India (Hyderabad). I found Excel as a great tool to work with databases and also iits makes our life easier.

    Hence I am here to learn Excel. Will keep interacting with you all :).

    All the best to all.

  144. Hello All,

    My name is Paul Grewer.

    I am the Financial Controller of a company based in York, England.

    I used to think I wass fairly proficient in Excel until I came across the Chandoo website and realised I hadn’t even scratched the surface. I have already utilised some of the dashboard techniques and wish to further expand my knowledge of excel.

    Best Regards

  145. Dear all,

    I am a Tax Manager and working at International company located nearby Amsterdam. I am responsible for Tax Management and Transfer Pricing administration. My job require high level Excel experience. Unfortunately, I do not have advance level experience and that’s why I joined today Excel school to expand my knowledge and learn more about dashboard.
    Best regards,
    David(my nick name is David).

  146. Dear classmates,

    I am a customer insight consultant located on the east coast of the US in Massachusetts. My work is increasingly focused on incorporating different forms of analytics using Excel to produce reports and dashboards. I hope to enhance my skills so that I may be able to deliver well thoughtout and constructed reports and dashboards to clients.
    Best regards,

  147. Hi,

    This is Arjun, working as a BI Analyst for an Investment Banking Firm. I am familiar with some of the basics of Excel, but want to learn and explore all of the features.

  148. hi all, my name is ali. Im from kuwait. i have graduated with a mechanical engineerng degree. Currently working on the oil fields. i wish to use excel in order to improve my efficiency at work. i also happen to be a beginer with excel and im looking forward to improving alot in the future. Wishing best of luck to all.

  149. Hi Chandoo and others,

    I am Kay, I am from Zurich, Switzerland and work in a company for Imaging Solutions as a Controller. I am quite advanced at Excel, but I am still keen to learn new stuff like Dashboards, a field in which I did not gain much experience yet.

  150. Hi Chandoo and others,

    I am Kay, I am from Zurich, Switzerland and work in a company controller. I am quite advanced at Excel, but I am still keen to learn new stuff like Dashboards, a field in which I did not gain much experience yet.

  151. My name is Steve. I am the Chief Financial Officer of a small college. I use Excel constantly. My father was an accountant too, in the pre-Excel days. I don’t know how they managed without it!

  152. Hello,

    I am Amit Chakravarty, Head of Strategic Projects, in a $1.8 Billion Food and Beverages group in Saudi Arabia, called Almarai. I used to be the Head of SAP Applications in the same group. I have 20 years of work experience. I aspire to learn advanced excel and dashboarding for executive level data analysis and presentation; which I could do myself; instead of getting it done from others.

    Amit Chakravarty

  153. Hello,
    My name is Joseph, and am a Chartered Accountant working for a Financial Institution. Currently I am into MIS reporting and analysis.I was told by a colleague about chandoos, and was really impressed with the course content. I wish to upgrade my excel skills and would like to also learn the dashboard skills so as to make my work more efficient and interesting.
    Keep in touch.

  154. Hi all i’m really happy to join the course. My name is Xavier, i’m from Spain and i’m working in the internet business as Head of Sales development in one of most succesful software download sites. I had some skills on excel but i find this course lloking for Dashboards and i was impressed. Now it is time to learn how to impress my colleagues and have a better view from my analysis.


  155. Hi everyone!
    I’m very happy to join this excel – school. I’m certified accountant and head of finance and accounting department in automotive international company in Croatia. Although I’m using excel for almost 10 years I’ll probably find out a lot of features that I’ve never used before and I’ll start from the beginning without skipping. Everything I know about excel, I’ve learned by myself, based on my professional needs .When I found out Dashboard excel reports I’ve “grow crazy”, and I’ve decided to explore every single detail in this course. Also I’m sure that I’ll enjoy every minute using this site. Cheers, BG

  156. Hi to Chandoo and fellow excel enthusiasts. My name is Wanda and I work for an apartment developer based in Dallas, Texas. I am the Director of Asset Management and in that role I do a lot of forecasting, anaylsis and reporting which involve extensive use of Excel. I want to learn to do dashboard reports and better charting along with overall advancement in other areas of excel. I am excited about this school and think it is the best vehicle for learning new techniques in excel that I have found.

  157. Hi !! Am Sathya Jayabal, working as a Technical Assistant in Kuwait National Petroleum company, Kuwait. We create combined Dashboards in Avanon Software( Exclusively used for Risk Management ). And I am really interested to know, how to create such dashboards through Excel. This will help me a lot in my divisional work.

    Your explanations are excellent and anyone can follow. So, I will encourage my children (age 12 & 9 ) to go through these lessons during their summer vacation and let you know their comments.

    Thanks Chandoo

    1. “Your explanations are excellent and anyone can follow. So, I will encourage my children (age 12 & 9 ) to go through these lessons during their summer vacation and let you know their comments.”

      Wow, that is so beautiful. I look forward to hearing what your kids think about this. 🙂

  158. Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado.

    I work from our City government and we are just moving into the data driven results era (FINALLY!). I hope this class will show me how to shorten the time I already spend in Excel manually cranking out reports from spread-sheet files too huge to maneuver around in any more.

  159. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Sylvie Vivarais. I am born and raised in the CIty of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

    Currently, I am finishing my Bachelor of Business Administration Program. My goal is to take advanced excel to learn about dashboards and automation so I can be ready for the workforce by January 2012.

    When I finish school in December 2011, I’ll be starting to look for full time work in Accounting and Finance to fulfill my 3 year requirement for the Certified General Accountant Designation.

    These excel skills should provide for a competitive advantage against other accountants who will be looking for the same type of work.

    I am really looking forward to learning and applying these techniques to support business managers.

  160. Hi All,

    I am Raghavendra Rao from Mississauga, Ontario and I am a Chartered Accountant. Our work day is never without a visit to excel application. I have been continuously looking to improve my skills in excel especially through online. I was impressed with Chandoo’s introduction to the excel school and I am hoping to get the best out of this program.

    Good luck and best wishes to all

  161. Hi All,

    I am Khaled, I am a Management Consultant, Philadelphia Consulting, i work in the business consulting department, and am responsible for conducting economic feasibility studies and business plans, also am a CMA candidate

    it is a pleasure to know you all and hope we all get the full benefit of this course

    Best Regards

  162. Hello,

    I am Anton, I work for the European Commision’s statistical office EUROSTAT in Luxembourg. I am particularly interested in presenting statistics on a dashboard. My feeling is that policy makers have a need for ever more statistics and the challenge is to present those and their interrelationships in a productive and meaningful way using a variety of instruments such as tables, graphs and maps with interactive elements. I expect to pick up some good examples of dashboards as well as instructive vba techniques to build and use them.

    Best regards,

  163. Hi My name is Nicola. I live in London,UK and have two adult sons. I need to learn Excel as it is essential for my job, however I think the older you get the more difficult it is so fingers crossed I will remember what I am taught!

  164. Hi,
    My name is Anne McDonley and I work for a bank in Boston, MA. I am a risk manager and have used Excel throughout most of my career but never learned the advanced functions. I would like to create a risk dashboard and look forward to improving my excel skills.


  165. Hello,

    My name is Brian Tomko and I work for a healthcare company outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently work in advertising and know the basics of excel. I would like to learn more about excel to help improve my reporting and analytical skills. I am also hoping that learning more about excel can help me get into an financial/analytical position.

  166. Greetings All,

    My name is Jacob and I work for a small manufacturing firm in Memphis where I am currently the “Excel Guru.” That doesn’t speak nearly as highly of me as it serves to point out the abysmal lack of excel knowledge in our office. I am wanting to get a much greater knowledge of Excel, and learn to make dashboards.

  167. Hi there,

    My name is Mariama Kalo. I am an analyst for an oil and gas company.
    I would to enhance my excel skills and explore what excel has to offer.


  168. Hello, I am Jack Feehan and am a real estate finance and development consultant. Although I have a good basic knowledge of Excel, I have a goal to go to the advanced level as soon as possible.

  169. Hello to everyone!

    My name is Ivan and I live in San Juan, Puerto Rico (in the Caribbean). I am a commercial real estate consultant (CCIM) and broker specializing in commercial developments, project finance, loan and portfolio analysis and work outs. I am also financing alternative energy projects like waste to energy, landfill gas to energy and biomass. I travel through the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the US extensively chasing projects and making money.
    I hope to hone my excel skills and later take the project finance school offered here later.


  170. Hi everyone,

    My name is Caitlin and I am a Project Manager in a biotech company in Melbourne, Australia. I love the Chandoo blog and website and I can’t wait to dive into the excel course, especially the dashboards unit.


  171. Hello everyone,

    My name is Jason and I am a Data Analyst at Computer Market Research in San Diego, CA. I have been working with Excel for about a year now, but the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. I am addicted to using Excel shortcuts to do my work quickly and efficiently. This blog is a tremendous resource and I hope to dramatically improve my charting and dashboard abilities as well as learn a few ins and outs of Excel that I didn’t know before. I look forward to interacting and learning with each and everyone one of you. Thanks!

  172. Hello.

    I am Srinivas Posani. I am a doctor, surgeon to be precise . For last one year, I wanted to learn excel. Though it is part of office and I am familiar with word and power point for the past decade, I never used excel up until last 2 years. Initially, I used it to create table with few columns and rows. Later, I have noticed that couple of invoices sent to me are in excel. Then I started exploring. With my busy schedule and lack of quality help nearby, I didn’t progress much. Through internet search, I came across this website. I am hoping to learn a lot of excel in next six month.Thanks every one.

  173. Hello, I am Jo (for Joellen). I am an administrative assistant and also a certified assistance dog trainer/instructor. I live in Sonoma County, Calif with my husband. I have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. I love the power of excel and use it for many applications both personally and professionally. I want to learn more to enhance my career opportunities but especially because I just love to learn. I am very pleased with the few lessons I have already done and how much I have learned already. Thank you Chandoo! This is awesome. Nice to meet everyone.

  174. Hello All,

    My name is Sunil… Though I got many names from my frnds… few are.. beagle.. bhope.. 🙂
    I’m software engineer and soon I will be joining an MBA college… So getting ready as ‘The Manager’… Chandoo, thank you so much for your effort towards making excel simple..

    May your always through the light of ‘EXCEL’ on us..

    N So It Is..!! 🙂

    ~with love

  175. Hi All

    My name is Manish Chauhan and I run a blog called Jagoinvestor.com . I always wanted to learn excel to this level because we do lot of work on excel and knowing indepth things will help us in our work .

    Hope to learn more and more each day here .


  176. Hello,

    I am Gustavo Tavares. I am from Dominican Republic and am interning at the American Chamber of Commerce. I have been learning Excel as I go, but after discovering that some tips save me more than a few hours, I decided a course would be worth it. Splash! (me diving into Excel)!!!!

  177. Hi,
    Amador Hamoy is my name and currently working as Project Accountant in Australia. Just need to brush up my excel skills as I’m currently working on several dashboard reports. I must admit that I have a lot of catching up. I’m hoping and excited to gain more knowledge.


  178. My name is Saul, I work for the procurement office in the US Embassy in Perú, after 11 years of work I´d like to migrate to the private sector eiather in the finance or procurement field, I thinkg being an Excel Guru is a great plus nowadays; Nice to meet you all “Chandoo community”

  179. Hi, my name is Kate Wilson, and I work for a nonprofit organization in San Jose, CA, in the U.S. I’m hoping to improve my Excel skills particularly in the areas of data analysis and data presentation. I’m really looking forward to this course.

  180. Hi my name is Ashot Martirosyan! I work for Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University!
    I find this lessons very interesting both for beginners and for advanced users!
    Here’s a question: I downloaded the last lesson called “Excel School Webinar Recording”. But it doesn’t seem to be an ordinary *.wmv file, i can’t move forward or backward through the lesson. is it only me having the problem or it isn’t a problem at all?

  181. Hello. My name is Lavanya Shastri and till recently I was working as a senior developer in Wipro Technologies, Bangalore. I have quit my job to pursue an MBA at the Anderson School of Management, UCLA. I am fairly new to Excel and am looking forward to learning more about it to help me with my school-work.

    Excited to be a part of this program!

  182. Hi I am Veronica! Studied Public Relations and never open a spreadsheet in my life. Happened to work in Logistics as time passed and now I am a excel enthusiast! I have learned a lot while working and with my best friend google! I found this website a while ago and have been a visitor since. I have been contemplating taking the excel school and I finally got my boss to pay for it so here I am! Let you guys know how it goes once I am done. So far I am so excited I want to take the dashboard course without even taking the first lesson! lol.

  183. Hello, My name is Doug Findley and I live in South Carolina, USA. I am a Project Management Consultant and want to master this tool for reporting purposes.

  184. Hi All,

    My name is Nabil Latif, originally from Melbourne, Australia but currently working in the Middle East. Working as strategy consultant for one of the top global consulting firms, two tools we need to master are Excel and Powerpoint. While Powerpoint was easy, Excel has always been something I was under-developed in. Spent years trying out different websites, forums etc for ad hoc excel support, until I came across this site and was extremely impressed. Easily one of the best Excel help site I’ve seen.. so am eager to start the course. Once I finish this I hope to go on and do the VBA school!

  185. Hi!
    I am Rajeev Varma, from Hubli karnataka, India. We have recently started a Management Consultancy Company and would like to improve my excel skills for better Mis Reporting.

    I am very much excited to learn excel skills from Mr Chandoo.

  186. Hi,
    I am Charles Haag. My firm , National Default Exchange, does the back room processing for Law Firms engaged in Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Litigation matters for 4 states. My division is based in Dallas, Texas, USA. I am the head of the Business Analyst group in our IT department. I need to sharpen my Excel skills and especially learn to be a guru in pivot tables to develop metrics tracking for the group on projects.

  187. Hi I am Reghu, working in an edible oil company as a Commercial Executive. I have been following Chandoo’s website from quite some time now and found it very impressive. Even after working 10+ years in excel, I still feel I am a beginner. Hope to learn excel in a much more structured way and prepare better analytical reports.

    Thanks to Mr.Chandoo for taking up such initiative in teaching and making everyone awesome in excel, like you.

    Best Wishes,


  188. Hi I’m Jesse,

    I’m in Olympia, Washington working for the courts. I’ve just completed by MS Excel Specialist certification, but know I have much more to learn. I’ve been charged with the project management of my unit within our agency and getting my boss up to speed on what the status is over over 50 simultaneous projects–I need a great dashboard fast!! 🙂

    I love Chandoo’s take on Excel and becoming awesome and I can’t wait to be part of this class!

  189. Good morning teacher and my classmates,

    I live and work in the US. My background is in Electrical Engineering. Currently, I am working in a capacity of an Operations Manager for the ophthalmology practice that I started with my wife almost three years ago.

    I have been using Excel since my college days for various personal and professional projects. However, I always had a feeling that I am only scratching the surface of this powerful tool which can be at times very intimidating.

    My intention is to master Excel to the level where I can create efficient Dashboards for monitoring financial and business trends of our practice. My ultimate goal is to try to develop a tracking system for patients that are referred to our practice by local optometrists.


    Vlajko (V-l-a-y-k-o)

  190. Hey my name is Viral, im from Toronto, Canada. I work for a large retail company and I just want to brush up on my excel skills and hopefully learn a few new things.

  191. Hi,
    I am Venkatarao Mannam from Clinton, Mississippi. I work as Field Research Associate in an agricultural company, Monsanto, at Flora, Mississippi. Apart from lot of field work, my job duties also include lot of data analysis, chart preparation and summary report preparation. I use VLOOKUP function a lot and I am not good at it. Eventhough, I have been using Excel for the past 5 years, I still feel that there many simple and smarter ways of doing things in Excel. I wish this course will help in achieving my goals.

  192. Hi Mates

    I am Venkatesh from IIT M. Being a chemical engineer and entrepreneur interested in process simulations. I am looking forward to make professional and commercial simulations spreadsheets for Process industries to replace the present expensive simulation softwares.


  193. Hello, I am Suresh Kumar.T. Presently working in the Finance Department under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. I would like to learn more about excel formulas, spreadsheets and charts etc. My job demands skills in excel. I hope, through this programe, I can improve. Thanks to Mr.Chandoo for his earnest effort. Thanks to all learners.

  194. Hi there! My name is Kristy Howard and I live in Kalamazoo Michigan. I am an Operations Consultant for a local hospital in Kalamazoo. I need to learn quicker ways to manipulate large amounts of data.

  195. Hi, my name is Vanitha Vasudevan and I live in Edison, NJ. I recently finished my PMP certification and would like to be familiar with MS Excel for Reporting and Dashboard creation. I am currently looking to get back to work as a Project Coordinator after maternity break.

    Looking forward for the course.

  196. Hi,

    Glad to have found this. I have been using Excel for ever, but I know that I could do things much faster and efficiently. Mostly I am here for the dashboards.

    Thanks for all of your hard work.


  197. Hi everyone,

    My name is Vanessa and I’m from the UK. I’ve used Excel for at least 10 years but still feel there is alot I don’t know so when my company gave me the opportunity to do some training – this is what I chose to do.

    I’m interested in learning more about formulas, pivot tables and dashboards.

    Can’t wait to start!


  198. Hi Friends,

    Krunal this side. I have dual master degree in finance and professional certification in Risk Management. I wanna enhance my skills on technical side… so keen to learn excel in depth.

    Thanks Chandu for your guidance and training.

  199. Hi All

    My Name is Vagh Dutt working as a process Associate in Genpact Hyderabad for the process Ge Health Care i look after the inter company transactions i am interested in learning excel and wanna become Master in it Because every ERP mostly need Excel and i need help my friends and colleagues and share my knowledge and one of my friend suggested this Side and its looks a great

    I’m interested in learning more about formulas, pivot tables and dashboards.and advance formulas and also Coding Macros in VBA

    Looking forward for the course and share knowledge with you all

    Thanks Chandoo for creating such a good plat form

  200. Hi All

    My Name is Vagh Dutt working as a process Associate in Genpact Hyderabad for the process Ge Health Care i look after the inter company transactions i am interested in learning excel and wanna become Master in it Because every ERP mostly need Excel and i need help my friends and colleagues and share my knowledge and one of my friend suggested this Site and its looks a great

    I’m interested in learning more about formulas, pivot tables and dashboards.and advance formulas and also Coding Macros in VBA

    Looking forward for the course and share knowledge with you all

    Thanks Chandoo for creating such a good plat form

  201. Hi All,
    My name is Shabeer and I live in Dubai. I am of the opinion that learning excel is like learning a new language; you have to fall in love with it!
    My job requires me to present quickly data in various decision making situations and with my present (low) excel knowledge I constantly struggle to present quickly and more so spend a lot of time with repeatative data. So I am here to excel in excel! Looking forward to an interactive session with Chandoo and all fellow students.

    All the best to all who are here studying with me & Cheers

  202. Hello Everyone!

    My name is DungHuynh, and I live in Nha Trang, Vietnam. If you like ocean, white sand beach, and seafood, then Nha Trang would be a great place to visit.

    Like the others, my job requires me to present data in many effective ways, so that my directoc can make a quick and clear decision. However, my Excel is poor and I just can’t do alot to please him. I hope this class would help me to be able to do more great stuffs with Excel….


  203. Hi everyone,

    My name is Gathoni and I live in Bristol (United Kingdom). I’m a Marketing Executive – Online & CRM for a law firm in Bath, and very keen to introduce marketing data intelligence for making business decisions. I’m very keen to visualize the data captured through our email campaigns and website.

    I would describe myself as an excel expert in my team as long as Google is working. I currently create static marketing reports with charts which take me a really long time.
    I’m looking forward to learning loads and I’ve promised my manager a marketing dashboard by the time I finish this course. My workmates are not familiar with what a dashboard is and thus I need to hopefully wow them!

    I’ve been following Chandoo’s website for about a year and have been very impressed with the content, plus I’ve built up on my excel knowledge as well. Keep up the good work Chandoo!


  204. Hi everybody,

    My name is Carliany and I’m from Brazil. I have just started this course and I am very excited to accomplish it.

    Best regards,

  205. Hello class,
    My name is Jeremiah, my friends call me Jerry, and I live in the United States.
    I had the pleasure of working for the Ford Motor Company for 29.5 years before retiring in 2007. I was an electrical engineer there and worked on many aspects of vehicles from A/C systems to Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing. During that time I came across Excel and learned and used some of its strengths. Now, I’m the Financial Secretary for my Church, and am required to keep all the financial records and prepare financial reports. Excel is my tool of choice and now I see the need to learn more. I even upgraded Excel from version XP to 2010 to be able to take advantage of what Chandoo is offering here.

    Grace and Peace,

  206. Hi all,

    My name is Olufemi and I work for an energy company in Lagos, Nigeria. I am moving to a new role that requires developing and maintaining scorecards to show corporate performance and will like to equip myself for this role.

    I am looking forward to learning as much as possible in a fun way.



  207. A warm hello to Chandoo and everyone,
    I am Sanket Gupta and I live in Gurgaon. Qualified dual MBA from United States, I have done different kinds of roles in my carrer span of 8 years. Now I feel it is important that i become an excel expert so that I work faster and be self reliant for all the analysis and reports we prepare for senior management. I work with HSBC.
    Nothing too great about me that I can share on personal front.

  208. Tim Murphy

    Hello everyone, I am a controller for a firm in Mpls MN and want to learn how to manipulate data to better use our companies financial data for business analysis. I have learned so much just from the tips Chandoo has online and am really looking forward to the school.

  209. Hello everyone i am a finacial analyst for a construction company in brisbane asustralia , needed to update my skills so decided to join this class.


  210. Hi Everyone.. I am here to learn advanced excel skills so that I can create dashboards using excel. I have been mainly involved in creating reports, providing statistical analysis on one off reports. Hopefully I can bring some innovative ways for reporting on data within our group using techniques I am hoping to learn here. I have been a frequent visitor of Chandoo.org and I am looking forward to my learning experience here. Thanks.

  211. My Name is Randy Old, I am a board member for three non-profits and am trying to enhance their reporting systems to the board and read about dashboards. I would like to learn how to create good dashboards that would make our reporting more understandable to the board.

  212. Hi All,

    My name is Biju Cherian. I am a ACMA working as a management accountant for a company based in the UK. I am here to sharpen my excel skills so that I can do more analysis on profit margins, prepare templates for sales revenue forecasting and develop dashboards for KPI’s so that probelms can be identified in advance and necessary action can be taken.


  213. Hello Everybody,
    I am K.R.Sridharan, working as a General Manager in Uganda. I’m interested in learning more about formulas, pivot tables,dashboards and advance formulas and also Coding Macros in VBA. Looking forward to taking my Excel skills to the next level and engaging with Chandoo and my fellow classmates.

    All the best!

  214. Hey there,

    I am Taylor Magenheim. I currently work as an analyst for the strategy & insights team at Yahoo! in California. I spend a lot of time working with big data and have always been able to get by with my intermediate skill level with excel. I’m hoping this site will help me to offer new solutions as well as just get my work done faster as I learn how to better tame the excel beast.


  215. Hello,

    I am Charlie Klasek. I work in direct marketing and use excel in order to better understand my clients results. Most of my Excel knowledge is self taught and I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from Chandoo.


  216. Hi
    My name is Réal and I work for a large telecommunication company as a business analyst and use Excel on a daily basis and I am taking this course to get more in depth training especially in the dashboard dept.

  217. Hello everyone-

    I am from Connecticut in the USA, I do a lot of reporting using access and excel, I am hoping to improve my reporting using dashboards and charts. Hope this is the place to be!


  218. Hi Everyone,

    I’m Srinivasan. I’m a Chartered Accountant, working for a manufacturing company at Chennai India. As part of my job, i work on plenty of excel files and i could say almost 65 to 85 % of my work time is spent on excel. I wanted to improve my excel skills so that i could save time and increase my productivity.

    Nice to get to know all of you and wish all of you to be awesome in excel. Happy excelling.

  219. Hi everyone,

    Geoff here, a manufacturing manager in Johor, Malaysia. Am looking forward to improving my excel skills from this online school as I have to deal with data crunching for presentations to my superiors.


  220. Hi! I am Doran Copeland. I am a recent college grad working as an Analyst in a Food distribution warehouse. I thought I knew a lot about Excel but from my job, I find that I am actually quite far behind my peers. So I am here to learn more and hopefully advance.

  221. Hi All,
    I am T Uday Kumar. I work as an Assistant Manager with KPMG and iam into consulting in the infrastructre space. My work invoves a fair amount of excel and I wanted to make sure that I leave no stone unturned when it comes to expertise in EXCEL.
    Was quite impressed when I 1st glanced at this site.
    Raring to go…

  222. Hi all. I am Mindy Wertheimer. I am a Senior Financial Analyst and work with a lot of spreadsheets. I know there are great shortcuts and excel trips as well as learning about Macros and your website has been very helpful to me so far. Regards,

  223. Hi all. I am Mindy Wertheimer. I am a Senior Financial Analyst and work with a lot of spreadsheets. I know there are great shortcuts and excel tips as well as learning about Macros and your website has been very helpful to me so far. Regards,

  224. Hi,

    I am David Marty. I live in North Carolina and work in financial area. My objective is to become more proficient with pivot tables and charts.


  225. I am antonio Salvador.I am a medical doctor working as a consultant in africa.I want to master my excel capabilities to improve my work in project management

  226. Hello, all:

    My name is Eben Kent from Columbus, Ohio. I have been using Excel extensively for 12+ years. About 10 years ago, I used Excel and Access to build a new business and had to learn both without any direction. So I want to build on that base, especially becoming more confident (and, hopefully, proficient) in developing dashboards. I primarily use Excel for financial tracking and reporting.

  227. MBA student, real estate brokerage student, and licensed appraiser in Michigan, USA. Only an Excel beginner, and must become an Excel master! I mainly want to use Excel for investment analysis, as well as scientific statistical work (I’m also a linguist).

  228. I am raja, working in Visual effects production management. Novice in excel. Wanted to explore excel more & make use the best of it in my project management flow.

  229. Hello, my name is Evan McDaniel, I live and working in Western Massachusetts (US). I use Excel daily in my current position as a financial analyst and I want to utilize all aspects of Excel to make my life easier.

  230. Hi everyone,

    I am Glenn Klein from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And work as a Transition Technical Specialist in a financial institution. Basically that means I am a trouble shooter and solver of problems. Excel is one of my favorite tools. We have been using it for data entry to be converted into mailmerge legal documents and as a source for transferring data to other databases. It is truly an awesome program. I am here to learn even more about more Excel’s capabilities.

  231. Hello Everyone,

    I am Jason Chong and I am from Toronto, Canada. Currently I am consulting in the the Oracle ERP industry. Looking forward to success in this Excel class which is applicable to my field of work.

  232. Hello,
    My name is Jeff SanRocco. I am working for a large Automotive Dealership. I lead the areas of Parts, Service, and Collision centers. I currently lead and oversee 24 departments and often I use Excel to evaluate and analyze as well as create reporting environments that I can use when I have my weekly GoToMeeting sessions. I am looking forward to learning how to make the reports better looking as well as easier for the team to input data and see the results that will help them manage their areas better and improve performance. I am also looking forward to utilize Excel to help me analyze and improve our company. Lastly, we are in the process of creating centralized operational protocols. I am looking forward to using excel to assist me. Well, enough about me!!!

  233. Hi,

    I am Phuntsok Namgyal and am a Tibetan settled in India. I am working for the education of Tibetan Children for the past 36 years. My job is related to database, information analysis and dissemination of the information and I find EXCEL very useful. I have designed several reports from excel and am quite attracted to find many useful tips from Chandoo. Looking forward in productive interaction in Excel School

    Phuntsok Namgyal

  234. Hi, I am Glenn and I work for a non profit in Tasmania, Australia. I am a financial officer / analyst who uses excel for most of what I do, and I figured this course would be a lot more specific, useful and cost effective than any offered by a local company.

  235. Greetings, my name is Desmond. I’m fairly new to excel, and what I know is self taught. Not sure if this is the right class for me, but I suspect at the end of the class, I’ll either be entirely frustrated or light years ahead of where I’m now.

  236. Hi, I am Megan, working for a CPA firm in New York City as a tax accountant. I use Excel to prepare work paper for partnership returns. I really want to learn more about Excel and VBA to do the work more efficiently. I believe this program will benefit my career in the near future. Thanks.

  237. I think this should be easy but I’m drawing a blank…..
    I have the formula =TODAY() in a cell and I want to know how many days have gone by since the end of the prior year. How do I write that formula?

    Thanks and I’m thoroughly enjoying the lessons. I’ve already learned a lot and have been able to share some tips and tricks with colleagues.
    Peg Lamb

  238. Hi,
    My Name is Sergio, I am a Financial Analyst working for an Agribusiness firm. As part of my daily job I have to perform different types of financial data analysis using this fantastic tool . For that reason I am looking forward to learn more in depthabout Excel to hopefully become an excel expert in the future.

  239. Hi,
    I am from Columbus, Ohio and I work as a Chief Auditor. I supervise six auditors. My goal is to expand my knowledge about excel and to build a Dash Board that will be beneficial to work.

  240. Hi,
    My name is Deborah from Australia. I am an accountant for a medium size business and in the past few years there has been an increased demand for analysis reporting. I have very basic excel skills but would love to wow my managers with a report that is a) meaningful and b) used as a decision support tool.

    I hope I can achieve this via this mechanism.

  241. I work at an insurance company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, primarily on measurements related to decision making. I found the numerous links on chandoo.org extremely helpful but found myself jumping from one topic to another as more stuff caught my interest. I’m hoping the classroom will keep me more focused, and will help me move up to being “awesome” in Excel. I’m particularly interested in creating dashboards that provide meaningful information at a glance, plus allow my clients to get the right level of detail they need to make good decisions through interaction.

  242. Hi Class and Chandoo,

    My name is Frantz Charles and I live in Atlanta, GA. I hold an MBA degree in Project Management. I work for a small consulting firm in the Metro Atlanta area as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant.
    I used excel before but never in the capacity that I need to use it with this current position. I need to be proficient at the functions and formulas. I am looking to learning all that and more… It is great to be part of this class.


  243. Hello,

    My name is Maggie Duenas from San Francisco, CA. I am the Payroll and Benefits Manager for a local construction company. I have used excel in every position I’ve been in, but it’s not until now that I am challenged and intrigue by the new features of excel 2007. We use excel for everything and I need to brush up and learn more in depth formulas and functions. I am thrilled to be part of this learning team.


  244. HI,
    My name is John and I hope to get awsome at Excel. Right now I would classify my skill level as beginner to intermediate. I need to be able to take huge amounts of parts usage data from US customers that I receive monthly and build a dashboard(s) that I can import into. I use pivot charts and other charts currently but I need something that can automatically take new data and deliver it into a consistent format. I hope to learn the skills I need for this to provide data to my management.

  245. Hi everybody,
    I am Abey. I live in Brisbane, Australia. Working as an Assistant Accountant in a mining company and doing my CPA. I joined Chandoo to sharpen my excel skills!

  246. Hi All,

    I am Andrew, I am currently live in Mississippi, USA and am working for Eaton Aerospace as a Program Finance Analyst. I working with a vast array of individuals and thus come across large amounts of data as a result.

    I can’t wait to become “kick ass,” so I kick ass at work!



  247. Hi all,

    My name is Guillermo and I am working as an independent Business Consultant for small businesses and start ups in Miami, FL. I am looking forward to unlock all the potenctial excel has to offer and use more sophisticated features that wil help me out being more productive.

    I am excited to begin the lessons !



  248. Hello everybody,
    I am Sonia Pearson-White and am a scientist, now working as Scientific Program Manager at the Foundation for the NIH in Bethesda, MD, USA. I currently oversee biomarker public-private-partnership projects and a large clinical trial and use Excel for budgeting and other tracking. I used Excel for many years for budgeting and data analysis, running my own research laboratory and a Transgenic and Knockout Mouse Core Facility at a University. We also used Excel to track mouse breeding of >500 genetically modified mouse strains at a biotech company. I am excited about learning more sophisticated Excel tools and dashboards, and becoming awesome!


  249. Hello from Columbus, Ohio, USA!

    I am a long time Excel user. My full time job has involved multiple roles in IT, Development and Marketing. A common thread has been product development, and Excel and Access (and Perl) have been tools for gathering and making sense of user behavior, usage and revenue; managing plans; communicating. Outside interests have found me using Excel for such diverse things as analyzing township budgets, analyzing incident patterns and response times for our local fire department, building a music performance database. I have found myself going to Chandoo.org as my first stop for “how do you do this”, saw their school, and….here I am!

  250. Hi everyone, my name is Tucker Robertson and I live and work in sometimes sunny Florida. MY work experience is in the packaging industry and I am looking forward to extending my excel skills.

    Good luck to everyone and have a great day.


    Tucker Roberston

  251. Hello, also from Columbus, OH!

    I am working as an Admin Assistant for a fast growing cell phone retailer and need some excel insight for my daily reporting. I hope I can learn a lot from excel school.

    Let’s get started!

    Sabine Smith

  252. Hello from the Detroit Michigan Suburbs!

    I am the Director of Corporate Purchasing for a health system in suburban Detroit, MI (MOTOWN!). I have used Excel for many years and thought I was fairly proficient. I want to get up to date with Excel 2010. I recently self tested myself and have found to be very rusty with some of the advanced techniques. I am looking forward to class Chandoo!

    Karen Mead

  253. Hi I am Srimathi Vasudevan working in leading Oil and Gas Company in Dubai, UAE. I work in the HR Strategy Department where I use a lot of Excel. I am interested in knowing more and how to apply Dash boards for my departments. I want to prepare one such Dash board for HR Strategy.

    Have benefitted immensely from Chandoo’s website and want to learn more.

    Have a great day.

    Kind regards,

    Srimathi Vasudevan

  254. Hi
    I am Krishna working as an account with a well known retail firm at Kuwait. I want to learn more in Excel to work in analysis & reporting areas. I am apost graduate in finance from one of the south indian university. Thats all now

    Thanks & Regards

  255. I am Sreenivas Vanguri, working for AZAM-ICD, as a Financial Controller earlier worked for a Petroleum company in the same group.
    I was a programmer in Visual Foxpro and left it 4years back.
    I find excel convenient to communicate reports as it is just attached the file and email. Interested to explore excel and found Mr. Candhoo’s web site interesting and economical.
    Further he lives in the same city from where I came from.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S. Vanguri.

  256. Hi,

    I am a little disappointed as I have sent two emails with respect to questions on a tutorial video and followed up with an email. To date I have had no reply, can someone from excel school respond as it is important and part of the package as I understood, (support).

  257. Greetings from West Michigan, USA. I know just enough in Excel to be dangerous. I look forward to becoming less dangerous and more knowledgeable.

  258. Good Afternoon:

    On the screen if you want to see your formulas better as you are typing them what would you
    recommend. CTRL mouse magnification does not seem to work. Also I want to listen to your
    voice and lesson at another time. Instruct how to do this ??


    1. Hi Robert,

      You can click on the Full-screen button on the video plug-in control bar (on right of the time tracking bar after volume control). This will make the video play in full screen mode with much better visibility. Also, there is a download link for each video below the play area for the video. It is marked “Download this lesson & Watch at leisure.” You can save the file and use a media player to play the lesson from your saved location as and when you need.

  259. Hi All,
    I am currently working with CITI Corp. India in Financial Reporting where I need a lot of analytical work on xls, hope this course will help me to design financial model as well as fasten up my work.

  260. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Debbie and I work in the Human Resource dept and do the payroll for a manufacturing company in Indian, USA. I thought I was pretty good with excel and would have place myself somewhere between intermediate and advanced. But after starting these lessons, I think I more on the high end of a beginner. I have 2003 and when I saw all the cool stuff 2007 does, my company is upgrading me this week to 2007 so I can get the most out of these classes. I love excel and love the way Chandoo teaches it. I am really hoping to be “awsome” in excel one of these days. I have put my classes on hold till I have 2007. I do wish the worksheet was larger for the classes, (like full screen). My eyes are not the greatest. Also, I wanted to download, but they want you to buy a 29.95 winzip to do that, any other way to unzip it for free?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      We’ve seen this question raised by others as well. You do not need to buy winzip to view the tutorials here. Possibly, the file association might not be set up properly in your system. Windows supports *.zip compressed file format. Save the file to you system drive. Then right click and from the context menu, you should have an extract files option available. If the same is not available still, there are freeware zip extractors available. A simple search for “freeware zip extractor” for the same will yield many utilities which can handle *.zip file format.

      1. NOTE: You can view the videos in full screen mode. First play the video. Then from the control bar at the bottom of the video, click the full screen button (it’s located to the right of the time track bar for the video next to the volume control button). This should make viewing the videos much easier. The video resolution should suffice even in full screen mode and make for clear viewing.

  261. Hello all,

    I work for a major Apparel retail company in US and have recently assumed responsibilities as a Software applications manager.

    I want to be awesome in a lot of things, but Excel crosses my path almost daily, so it will be Excel first. I have a lot of high expectations from the course, am not a novice.
    So, it will be interesting for me to get quality material (I hope this course is not geared towards beginners).

  262. Hello all,

    I work for GE Healthcare in the area of Commercial Pricing. This is a new role for me, one which will involve extensive data analysis. At this time, I am a basic user of Excel, but I hope to be proficient with the help of this course. I am looking forward to it.


  263. Hello,

    I am Sid Gupta and I intend to learn a lot more about excel, needless to say it would not only help me in my role but I am sure it would help me in all aspects of life.
    BTW I live in Melbourne and work for one of the four major banks. If your in Melbourne, hola me and may be we could study together.


  264. Hey Everyone:

    My names is Nate Bailey and I’ve been self employed for 5 years as the CFO and operations manager for NY Times Bestselling author and speaker Andy Andrews. I’m currently working on building my first dashboard for a local doctor and intend to capture more principles from Chandoo and others to further my skills to help others.

    I’m also building a web based debt tool that will help individuals create financial destiny through dynamic analysis, testing and implementation.

    I can’t wait to learn more! 🙂


  265. Hi everyone, my name is Glenn Kruger. I live in Boston, MA and I am currently changing career fields. My goal is to work for Harvard University’s Strategic Procurement Department. I had an interview that revealed to me that they need someone with more analytical skills. I am strong in Excel to a point; however, because of my previous career field didn’t need me to go beyond the basics I didn’t. Based on the questions asked during my interview they apparently need someone strong in Excel who know how to create, use, and maintain Dashboards, use VBA and Queries, and able to tie them together with PowerPoint and the internet. Now I can roll over and say poor me, but that’s not me. I find this to be a challenge and an opportunity to prove who I am and that I am the right person for the job. I did a little research that led me to your web site. I feel your training will help me overcome my deficiencies and hone my technical skills as well as my analytical skills too. I plan to request an Internship with no compensation with them so I can learn from you and them, and to hone my skills in a real-time environment at the same time.

  266. Hi,
    My name is Tammy. I work for the state of Idaho as a research analyst. I took several years off to raise my children so I am rusty in Microsoft Office programs, including Excel. We use data bases, tables, charts, etc., extensively, and I need to be proficient in Excel to be good at my job. I am not there yet, but I hope to be, by the time I finish this course.

  267. Hi,
    My name is Melissa Balestri. I work at a building consultant company and have developed an intense Excel spreadsheet for construction/financial planning. My main goal is to learn how to create a dashboard for the spreadsheet because other in-house personnel are not advanced Excel users, and because our typical end user is not Excel-savvy. My secondary goal is to finally learn how to use pivot tables.
    Looking forward to it!

  268. Hi folks,

    My name is Len, and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I am an emergency management and business continuity professional.

    I’m decent in Excel, but there’s still a helluva lot more to learn! I’m looking forward to the experience, and I will be using it very soon for improving a variety of software tools I produce for emergency operations centres (EOCs) and business continuity planning templates.


  269. Hi all,

    I’m Leon and work as a data analyst for the NHS in the UK. I’ve always worked in the public sector and used Excel within my previous employment but never to a level that I would consider professional. I hope to address this issue and learn not only Excel but also VBA, Financial Modelling and Project Management.

    The NHS requires as much professional skill from its admin staff as it can get for the money it pays, especially in today’s financial climate. If I can produce the quality of work that Chandoo teaches in the shortest time and most efficient manner, I will have greatly increased my value to the NHS. Also, this course of study could lead to my job role being expanded for little or no extra cost. This would be good for the NHS as well as my own future employability. I regard this study as self developement and self investment.

    I’m very excited about being a student at Chandoo.org.


  270. Hi everyone My name is Shelly Steavens, and I live in Washington State, USA. I am excited about this course just from Chando blog. I am a full time student, and a Resturant manager, and I believe that learning how to use Excel to the fullest degree will help me in every area of my life. I can’t wait to get started.

  271. Cliff Ward
    Hi everyone,
    I have just started this evening, I am Director of Engineering at a large Aircraft Cabin Interiors Company located in Orange County California. I am taking this class to basically put my existing knowledge (gained over too many years) into a more formal structure which I am sure will improve my productivity.

    You can contact me via LinkedIn or at britmarine@gmail.com

    I also am very excited about this learning opportunity

  272. Hi, I am Jacquelyn, often called Jax. I live in San Jose, California. I am a security guard with assorted admin duties at a tech company. I’ve learned a lot about Excel’s VBA, formulas and charting in the last few months, using Chandoo.org and other online resources. I’ve applied my new knowledge at work with interactive charts and time-saving macros. I know some advanced Excel concepts now, but my foundation isn’t necessarily as strong. I look forward to Chandoo’s course for comprehensive understanding of Excel from the ground up. My goal is to be more useful at work and take on even more functions.

    I really enjoy learning and accomplishing new things in Excel. I inherited a yearly report in the form of a boring bar chart, but I used a trick with scrollbars I adapted from Chandoo’s example and made a colorful interactive dashboard instead. Everyone was very impressed–not bad, for the security guard!

  273. my nmae is Alberto Gomez, from Spain, and i have just joined the Chnadoo´excel school
    i am ann internationla conultant in eceonomic devleopment , speciilaized in private sector development, small and medium enterprises competitivenss , innovation and entrepreneurship.
    i am not very proficient at Excel now, and my aim is to become as Chnadoo says “awesome” at excel. That is to sday to be able to be more productive and present my reports and papers in a better looking way
    good to virtually join you all , here !!

  274. Hi. My name is Sérgio Silva and i’m from PORTUGAL (the westest country of europe), near to Spain.
    I’m a managment controller on a Water Services company and i use Excel 7 hours a day on a 8 hours labor days.

    So this is very important for me!!!

  275. Hi my name is Sushil Kumar working as Finance Manager in a Media firm in Dubai.
    I have been using Excel in my career throughout and am aware of the advanced features in Excel. I have not gone through a structured course for Excel till now. Have been impressed with the way Chandoo has structured the lesson plan and decided to give it a go to enrol in this course.

    Goal of course is to make me more proficient in Excel..

  276. hi I’m an IT trainer based in the west of Ireland..and I want to go up to next level with Excel – I’m also planning to learn about dashboards and VBA in 2012 -so that I can help serve my customers better. I love Excel and am looking forward to this course.

  277. Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!

    My name is Yoli. I am a manager at a media network. I use excel quite a bit at my job but have never been formally trained on using the other features in excel like the formatting, visual basics and codes. I am especially keen on making data pop with great designs.

  278. Hi there,

    I’m a program manager from Toronto, ON, Canada. Excel’s a big monster, and I’m looking forward to picking up additional tips to put to use for my reporting requirements. Dashboards and using VBA in addition to Excel are very important to me, and I’m hoping to get a good grounding in these over the next few months.

  279. Hi There.
    My name is Bill Fox; I am a Maintenance Planner for an Airline. I use excel every day at my job. I am excited about learning more of the capabilities of excel. My experience has mainly been during my 20yr career in the USAF. I feel that I have just scratched the surface of what excel offers; this opportunity I believe will increase my effectiveness and value and make me “Awesome” in excel. Dashboard and VBA are my next area of interest.

  280. hi excel enthusiasts this is chelvi here.i work in the NHS in the UK.I completed my basic medical degree in India and have a masters degree in management.(MBA form the University of Worcester UK).I would like to learn about using excel in project management,strategic management and in performance management using KPI.Over the last month i have been regularly visiting chandoo.org and i am very impressed with the knowledge that chandoo has about excel.i wish i could one day be like chandoo excelling in excel.I like to net work with other members in the class and i am happy to take health care questions and its bearing on excel.Health care and excel is what i cant to concentrate in this dashboard class.thanks for your time.email thavachelvi@hotmail.com

  281. Hello All
    My name is Debra but I am known as Deb
    I live in Liverpool UK (home of the Beatles)
    I work in the NHS, in workforce and training data – my background is in nursing but from a mild interest in data and finding Chandoo I am embarking in a new job role
    I hope from my interest and with the help of Chandoo (I remember Pointy Haired Dilbert, looking in and being in awe of what was possible) to be able to find new and interesting ways of presenting boring training data
    Happy 2012 to us all
    Regards Deb

  282. Hello All,
    My name is Colleen and I am the head of HR at a large yoga retreat center in Massachusetts. I have a advanced beginner level of Excel, but now need a much greater understanding. Additionally, I am particularly interested in gaining a greater facility with formulas. The dashboards have intrigued me for some time as well.
    All the best,

  283. Greetings,
    My name is John Clay, and I am a chemical engineer who works at a research and development Institute in Columbus, OH. I was directed to Chandoo’s site by a colleague and have picked up lots of great tips. I am looking forward to improving my dashboard skills.

  284. Hi everyone,

    My name is Cole, and I work for a charter school in Austin, TX managing data. Chandoo’s Formula Crash Course made a big difference in my Excel use at work, so I’m really excited about Excel School.

  285. My name is Lydia and I work in Human Resources. I recently change careers and will need to develop strong excel skills to analyze salary data, projections and data validation. I am looking for a safe place to learn and ask questions. While I am not an excel novice, I have basic excel skills and I would like to become much more proficient. I am new to my role in a competitive environment, I would like to be on par with my colleagues and not need to go to anyone in my organization to ask for help.

  286. Hello All,

    My name is Jeff Johnson and I work in a finance capacity for a bank in the U.S. I recently moved laterally in my position and have greater exposure to database management. I have a background in excel, but desire to grow more confidently. I’m excited about this opportunity and happy to meet everyone virtually.

  287. Hello,

    My name is Mario. I work as an engineer in the improvement and standardization department in a multinational company here in Costa Rica. I am not an excel rookie but I now that I have a lot to learn. I wish you a great experience here!

    Pura vida!

  288. Hi,
    This is Mahesh from Mumbai. Currently I am working for Insurance back office of one of the biggest insurance provider.

    I gave a basic excel skills and I would like to become awesome in Excel.



  289. Hi ,
    My name is Bronwyn. I work in Australia for a State Government department. I am looking forward to improving my Excel skills particularly in advanced formulas and dashboards. I would also like to complete the VBA lessons later in 2012.

  290. Hello everyone!
    My name is Christina and I live in West Palm Beach, FL. I do healthcare analysis and use Excel to make it easier for my customers to quickly understand trends, patterns, and results of analysis. I look forward to learning ways to improve my capabilities in Excel and create dashboards that help my customers better understand their data.

  291. Hello everyone,
    My name is Ariel and I live in the Southern California area; I have always used Excel at a very basic level and I now find myself in need of more expertize; I was impressed by Chandoo’s teaching skills by watching a couple of you tubes; in particular i like his nononsense non hard selling style; I watched a video titled 10 tips in 10 minutes(or something to that effect) and truly I learned 10 new things in Excel that I did not now before, and I learned them in 10 minutes; I have high hopes that I will be proficient in Excel once I go through the classs.

  292. Hello everyone,
    My name is Ariel and I live in the Southern California area; I have always used Excel at a very basic level and I now find myself in need of more expertize; I was impressed by Chandoo’s teaching skills by watching a couple of you tubes; in particular i like his no nonsense non hard selling style; I watched a video titled 10 tips in 10 minutes(or something to that effect) and truly I learned 10 new things in Excel that I did not now before, and I learned them in 10 minutes; I have high hopes that I will be proficient in Excel once I go through the class.

  293. Hello

    My name is Mirjam and I live and work in The Netherlands. After working as a lawyer for several years I recently moved into a commercial role in the banking industry. I do not have any background in using excel so I hope to learn a lot from this online excel school.


  294. Hi, My name is Bakul.
    I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. I work in Statistics, New Zealand as a Data Processing Analyst(DPA)..
    I hope to learn a lot from online excel school

  295. Hey Chandoo.

    I ve a set of data with me which is Stated in Bold and not in Bold letters..I want to Filter the Data containing Bold Text ,could u help me out with this??

    1. @Manazir,

      You can apply filters, then choose “Text Filters” and choose option “Contains”. In the dialog box, enter “Bold” and it will show all data that has text “Bold” in it.

  296. Hello to all,
    My name is Luke and I work as business analyst for a worldwide reinsurance company as a contractor. We have mountains of data which we first select on the mainframe DB2 with SQL and often also export to excel. I am looking forward to organise this data smarter and faster!

  297. Dear All,

    My name is Manish and I’m working with Abbott in Mumbai in the strategy and planning function. I look forward for advanced tips and tricks in excel.

    Happy learning to all of you!



  298. Hi All,
    I am Moses Dayo Olamide, working with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation as Crude Oil Stock Manager. Dealing on crude oil information and data system, I use Excel extensively for lifting entitlement determination and contractual monitoring. I work with multiple worksheets developed through constantly changing customers’ demand and gamut of industry data. I have followed Chandoo’s tips on excel for about one year with utmost fascination; I therefore had difficulties resisting enrolment for Excel School Dashboard recently. I hope to perfect my expertise in dashboard creation in the next few weeks.
    Dayo Olamide

  299. Hi all,
    Mycile here from Berkeley, CA…work in HR in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory…been using pivot tables but need to learn more advanced skills esp in charts/graphs/dashboard. looking forward to it.

  300. Hi All,

    My name is Ashwin C. M. from Mysore, India. At present I am working as Project Lead – Software for Maxim Integrated Products and based in Bristol, UK.

    I use MS Excel extensively right from Project Management to data analysis of various metrics. I am looking forward to learn more tricks from Chandoo.



  301. Hi everyone!
    My name is Kimberley – I’m a CRM marketer in NYC, working in the retail space. I’m taking this course to take my reporting to the next level… so my numbers make sense to everyone vs. the select few that dig the digits. 🙂

  302. Hi,
    I am chatarshal-an IT professional- joined this program to leverage my Excel Skill and to do more and more data analysis needed in Business School.


  303. Janet Caffray
    Hi I’m Janet and I live in Charlotte North Carolina. I recently took a position with a web agency and I need to enhance my Excel Skills. I do a lot of spreadsheet work and data analysis and this class seemed like the perfect training.

    Thanks, Janet

  304. Hi ,

    My name is Manikandan. I am working as an operation manager in ACS Bangalore(KPO), we used lot of excel in our day to day activity.

    I believe this training would help me to learn lot of new subjects on excel.

    Excited to be a part of this training

  305. Hi Chandoo,

    This is Sreekanth, I live in Bangalore. Married to College GF Nandy. I have a 2 year old son Arya. I work in Quality domain and too much of excel as a part of day to day work life. I would want to take my operations to next level with effective usage of excel related stuff there by enabling the professional environment.

    Sreekanth S

  306. Hello Purna,

    Is it possible to apply an operand to a column or row of numbers in a fast way? Example, I have column of numbers: A1 has 499, A2 has 503. I want the values to be 4.99 and 5.03. I can do the following: in A1 “=499/100” and in A2 “=503/100”. I am not allowed to use cells reference in this case – “=A1/100”. That creates circular argument apparently and violates the rules. Therefore is there quick way to apply “/100” to all the values without putting in a formula in every cell?

    Thanks and regards,

    1. @SM,

      For such operations, paste special is a boon. Write the number hundred in any empty cell. Copy it. select the range where you want the numbers divided by 100. Paste special and in “Paste” segment on the popup, choose values, and in the “Operation” segment of the popup, choose “Divide”, and the click “OK” button. And all the data should be effectively divided by 100.

  307. Hello,
    My name is Josh, and I’m already the go-to person around our department for Excel, I’d like to always have the answer. Also, I’d like to make my own sheets more efficient. While I use Excel daily, I use Google Docs spreadsheets constantly. I’m sure much of the knowledge will transfer. Is anyone else using Google Docs heavily?

  308. I am Mahendra from Rajkot and now at Mangalore. I am working as Manager Accounts and I know the importance of Excel in day-to-business life. Excel expertise will help a lot in many way.

  309. Hello,
    My name is Sam Taylor. I am the Director of Procurement for a mid stream energy company in Dallas, Texas. I want to learn as much as I can about Excel and how to apply it to my everyday work life.

  310. Hello Chandoo,

    I have been taking your lessons for over 5 weeks now and there is a clear improvement in the way I prepare and present my reports. Its so amazing how I can now things faster and smarter. Thank you.

    PS. Can you recommend similar lessons/training for Primavera (Project planning Software)?

    Cheers Bankole

  311. Hi All.
    This is Kiran Reddy

    I am working with Indian National Oil Company and am into Physical Trading of Petroleum Products. My job involves a lot of number crunching to the third decimal. Though I learned advanced excel in MBA, I got a B- 🙁

    I am gonna shift my base to Dubai in couple of months, so wanna be sure of my basic excel capabilities, so as to escape embarrassment 😛 later on.

    Wish you all guys great success…

  312. Hi All,

    I work for a Telecommunication company in Toronto, Canada. I am interested more in Excel VBA but just wanted to brush more on anything that I might have missed or forgotten.

    Can’t wait to start

  313. hi everyone
    please to meet you. i have a good knowledge of excel but i like to strengthen my knowledge of formulae, pivot tables and charts which we see less of. I am also excited about the dashboard.

  314. Hello Chadoo,
    My name is Veronica and I am currently an EDIS systems administrator and reports writer for a major hospital system in New York. I am frequently required to extract data to produce information to measure performance and am always looking for new and improved ways to present this data to my colleagues. I am very interested in advancing my excel skill set and am especially looking forward to learning how to create interesting dashboards that can be used as a performance gauge for how we are doing. Looking forward to the class

  315. Hi Everyone,

    I am Graeme Fariu, Resource Allocation Manager with the New Zealand Automobile Association based in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I am a medium to heavy user of excel and have always used Google for help with specific formulas, formatting or in managing and presenting large amounts of data (most recently Pivot Charts).

    It was very timely that I ‘stumbled’ across Chandoo’s website during another Google search so I have some great expectations that I too will be extremely proficient in excel, as others have become!


  316. Hi All,

    I am Graeme Fariu, Resource Allocation Manager for the New Zealand Automobile Association – Roadservice, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I am a medium to heavy user of excel and normally Google for specific formulas, special formatting or managing and presenting large amounts of data (Pivot Tables and Charts are the latest interest) for management reports.

    It was timely then that I ‘stumbled across’ Chadoo.org during one of my Google searches and so I too am looking forward to being extremely proficient in excel as many of you are or have become!


  317. Hi Chandoo,

    I am a professional accountant CGA and want to learn Vlookup, if statements . I am at the beginner intermediary level , I work in a company in Montreal , Quebec, Canada JSS Medical Research .

  318. Pleased to know you, Mr Chandoo!
    I have been looking dashboards since a year now but all of software are out of my reach.
    But yours in Excel was the only one I have seen so far. I was very impressed and enrolled in your school straight away!
    Congrats on your achievement!
    My background is ACCA in practice. I am very keen and enthusiastic to move into Analyst in Industry, hence my interest in dashboards in Excel. I am also beginner VBA programmer too.
    I look forward to learning the new Excel dashboard programming skills.
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards

  319. Hello Chandoo,
    My name is Stephanie and I work for a pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania. I use excel to create dashboards for reporting company compliance data and would like to become more creative with these. I have worked with excel for quite a few years, but there is still so much more I need to learn. I look forward to becoming awesome!

  320. Hello Chandoo,
    My name is Nilesh Joglekar and I work for a software enterprise integration company in Pune. I work in software quality department. I use excel to create dashboards and would like to become more creative with these. I worked with excel for quite a few years, but there is still so much more I need to learn. I need to become more proficient in using excel.

    Nilesh Joglekar

    Nilesh Joglekar

  321. Hi All,
    I am Nasser KADDOURI. I am working for an automotive company, Ford Motor Company, In Bordeaux in France.
    I am always impressed by the features of Microsoft Excell and would like to learn more about dashbords and other features.

    I am very keen on learning more about Interactive Dashboards and BI features of Microsoft Excel. I hope this is the right place I have come. With the guidance and learning from Chandoo, I would be able to explore them all.


  322. Hi ..I am a Banker by profession working in Banking for the past 9 years. i was looking for a platform to learn the tricks of excel and using the same to enhance my skill-set of data crunching . I hope this course would exceed and excel my learning expectations . All the best to Chandoo.org !! Cheers Jiten

  323. HI,

    My name is Ann. I am excited to become “more awesome” at Excel!

    I too am the parent of twins, mine are 12 1/2 years old.

    I’m looking forward to starting class.

  324. HI,

    My name is Ann. I am excited to become “more awesome” at Excel! I too am the parent of twins, mine are 12 1/2 years old. I’m looking forward to starting class.

  325. Hello,

    Im a reserach and analytics associate moving into a new position next week as a marketing analytics analyst. I work in sunny Miami and look forward to learn new shortcuts and ways of producing more time efficient reports and insights.

    Wish you the best in your learning,


  326. Hi

    I’m Arthur Urman from Bellevue WA (U.S.)

    I work at Boeing’s Global IT Helpdesk. I’m trying to get into the Supply Chain field and I know that Excel knowledge is a must.

    Looking forward to start learning.

    Best Regards to everyone,


  327. I am venkatesh working as Finance Manager in one of Insurance company in KSA. I have been using Excel for more than 9 years and still an infant.

    With the help of Chandoo I want to fly….


  328. Hello,

    I’m Markus from Sweden (live in London).

    I work with optimizing online marketing and PPC campaigns. I want to learn more about (Power) Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP.

    I look forward to learning more about Excel.

    All the Best!


  329. Hi All

    I am Prabhakar kumar from Mumbai. I work as Business Analyst with coldex company.

    I want to learn Advance charting, dashboard which will help me in refining MIS of may company.

    Looking forward to great learning.


  330. Hi,
    My name is Nishant kumar. I work in a consulting organisation in the field of NGOs and micro finance, mostly in the field of financial inclusion. In my work, i have to prepare reports to present to my clients. With this course, i hope to present them in a better way.

  331. Hi, I’m Sridhar, living and working in Japan as a System Analyst. My job involves lot of reporting on day to day basis specially in Excel so I’m here lean Excel and make my job easy.


  332. Hi , I’m Venkateswarlu Gourishetty. Call me as Gouri/Venkat. People called me with 10 different names from my schooling. I’m a project Manager in Computer Sciences corporation. Currently I’m working for a client on various strategies and it requires lot of analysis and I don’t have time to research through various possibilities. This course looks interesting for me , hopefully this structured program will help me in next 6 to 8 weeks.

  333. Hi, I am Toni Molina. I work for an oil company in Texas that has aquired a substantial amount of properties in the last year. The data has become so overwhelming that I am in need of sharpening my skills or becoming awesome in Excel so that I can spend more time analysing the data rather than organizing. I am eager to learn.

  334. Hi everybody!

    I’m Jackson and I work as production planning manager in Italy. Basically I want to transfer a lot of data from SAP to excel,and I’d like to do this creating pretty reports with dashboards.
    I’m confident that excel school will give me the necessary skills to do that. Bye!

  335. Hi, All
    My name is Kang in Bangkok, Thailand.
    I working in project management team as project control engineer for oil/gas construction. I want to develop a project perfromance measurement using EXCEL data to monitor progress and all aspects of progress control, but this has been difficult task because I am not not expert in DB management and special formulas development. I am happy to find this friendly choodoo web and lookforward to developing my EXCEL skill from Choodoo.

    Best wishes to you all in this School


  336. Good Morning Everyone,

    My name is Mark Bacheldor and I am in the Detroit Area. I have worked in the Automotive world for most of my career, but I am now working in the Healthcare industry. I have used Access and Excel for many years but I am always impressed when I find something new. It seems like there is always more to learn. Most of my knowledge has been gained on an as needed basis. I had a need so I figured out how to find a solution. I do a lot of work getting information from main frame systems in the form of test files and then crunching the data in Access. I then export the information out to Excel for the users. I am looking forward to learning more about what I can do with Excel.

    Thank you,


  337. Hello everyone,

    I’m very late to the class! I signed up at the end of December and just now logged in. Hopefully this delay won’t be too severe in terms of my learning everything in a much more concentrated time frame. I live in Colorado and work for a company that I think could benefit from Excel dashboards. I don’t know very much about creating dashboards but I think they’re incredibly helpful to those of us who need data quickly. I look forward to learning from the class and from my fellow classmates.


  338. Hello All,

    My name is Maria, I work for a Market Research Panel provider, as an Accounts Receivable and Cash Management Specialist, which is headquartered in New York City. Since one of my responsibilities is to run certain end of months reports, mostly by using Excel. I Want to use this course to freshen up and strengthen my intermediate knowledge of Excel.

  339. Hello All,

    My name is Rob, I am currently travelling the world but upon my return to the UK I will be doing an MSc Finance. I decided to do the Excel school because financial modelling in Excel will be a major part of my day-to-day role once I graduate into a corporate finance role and I thought that there was no excuse for not starting to improve my Excel skills straight away. The main areas that I want to develop my knowledge of are vlookups, pivot tables and macros.

    Hope that you’re all well and enjoying the Excel school

    Rob Pulley

  340. Hi All,

    My name is Jonathan and I am a business analyst for a major bank in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. I plan to use this excel course to further my career as a business analyst to provide findings on the analytics I run. I believe that this course will help me to grow and develop as a professional and overall benefit my employer.

    Thank you,


  341. Hello Learning Community!

    My name is Sydnee Viray and I work at the University of Vermont in the United States though I am originally from the Philippines. More and more in higher education we are asked to assess our students’ learning. Using Excel I would like to explore creating replicable dashboards so that these assessments can be used various departments.

    I am so excited to learn the efficiencies others have discovered to make Excel fun and accessible.

    Thank you for this opportunity!


  342. I am Peter Himmelreich. I work as a Customer Service Supervisor at Kroll Background Screening in Nashville, TN, USA. I hope to use this course to increase my skill in Excel.

  343. Good morning everyone,

    My name? you know. I am a middle aged man (although I am not sure where the middle is, exactly) living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My job is teaching, most management training. The idea of being awesome in Excel is attractive. But good will do, too.

    Good times,

    Michiel van Deenen

  344. Hi am fitzpatrick kapepe from zambia. I work for the only electricity utility company in zambia. At Zesco am the Budget and compliance analyst and i deal with a lot of excel on a daily basis and to a greater extent am required to perform finanacial modelling, a needed skill that has just brought me here.

  345. Hello,
    this is Valerio! I am Italian and I work for a consulting company in London. I’d love to master Excel in order to add more value to my work and help my company to reach its objectives.
    I hope that this course will make me a “go-to” person when it comes to Excel problems in my office :).
    I will keep you posted about my results and, if you are in London, write me and let’s go have a beer.
    Best Regards,

  346. Hi,
    my name is Curt and I am a Software Engineer/Manager in Oregon. I am just good enough at excel to get by, but I need to learn much more to make effective data presentations to my managers and to my team.

  347. Hi,
    My name is Anantha krishna. Presently I am working as a Business Analyst and presently lot of work involved through Excel. I wanted to learn more on Excel and explore more to make effective data presentation , dash board models and avoid lot many manual work on day to day activities. I have to acquire more skill and explore myself. Hope this course will help me out to reach me high further.

  348. Hi,
    My name is Rick Thomas. I am a Project Manager, working for Boeing, currently on assignment in Australia. I have been managing projects for over 25 years. I am always searching for better ways to share and communicate project information. I recognize the power of excel, but am not a effective with it as I would like to be. This course seems a perfect fit for what I want to learn and what I want to provide.

  349. Hello Team –

    I am Laurie Ballard & I work for Frito Lay in Plano, TX USA. I love Excel & want to learn everything I possibly can about it. My role in HR requires me to automate reporting tools & develop dashboards. I currently work with formulas, pivot tables & macros, but I know there’s a ton more I can learn.

    Thank you so much for this training! LB

  350. Hi Mates,

    Anthony is my name. I am a cross-asset trader in GTBank, Lagos-Nigeria and have been a regular visitor to chandoo website for excel tips and have no doubt that the excel school will be well worth the investment.

    Given the extensive use of excel in my daily activities (from trade capture to reporting), I thought it necessary to build on my excel skills so as to enable me automate most of the processes.

    Happy learning to us all!!!

  351. Hi!
    My name is Carlos. I´m a veterinary doctor from Colombia and I completing my 12th year living in Brazil. I enjoy with excel and I intend to improve my skills in order to make a difference in my company. Good luck for everybody!

  352. G’day Mates,

    My name is Nonso Morgan. I work as an Planning-Process Engineer with South East Queensland Water Brisbane in Australia. My Senior colleague recommended this medium as a tested and trusted platform for advanced excel skill building, as my role entails a lot of data synthesis and analysis for forecasting in Water Treatment Processes and Bulk Water supply.

    He is a living proof to this, going by his fantastic excel know-how so i am rest assured all of us will find this class/forum invaluable to our individual causes.

    Warm regards to you all,

  353. Hi Friends,

    My name is Ravi. I am currently i am currently residing in Budapest, Hungary. I work as Financial Analyst in Ecolab Inc.

    I do use excel on a daily basis but i just feel like kid wondering around and feel there is so much to learn, so here i am trying to know more.

    I have been following Chandoo.org for a month and i must say this website is awesome .

    Looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

    Thanks and regards,

  354. Hi Friends,

    My name is Ravi. I am currently residing in Budapest, Hungary. I work as Financial Analyst in Ecolab Inc.

    I do use excel on a daily basis but i just feel like kid wondering around and feel there is so much to learn, so here i am trying to know more.

    I have been following Chandoo.org for a month and i must say this website is awesome .

    Looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

    Thanks and regards,

  355. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Mofolake, my friends call me Mo so pls feel free to use Mo.I’m an analyst living in the UK. It is my desire to be a Master in Excel, to be able to analyse complex data very quickly and produce Dashboard reports that ROCK!!



  356. Am Yemi by name and a UK resident. An accountant by training, I have been working in the
    the banking industry for well over a decade specialising in audit and risk management.
    I do hope this course will add value to my professional career.

  357. Hey all! I am coming all the way from San Diego, California. I work as a program evaluator/research analyst at a social science reserach lab. We use excel for all of our reports/charts/tables, but I KNOW there is so much more we could could be doing with our data in Excel. Also, I think having an deep knowledge of Excel is a great resume booster!

  358. Hi, I’m Terry. Just got enrolled in this school. I’m presently working in one of the telco companies here in the Phils. I felt that learning excel would be a great tool to help me and my team to improve reporting, presentation and analysis of information the way we used to do. I’m excited to be awesome 🙂

  359. Hi Excellers, I’m Edmund. I’ve being following this website for awhile and decided to take the plunge to sharpen my excel skills. I work for a retail business in Los Angeles, California and can’t wait to put the lessons here into action and look forward to go from proficient to awesome.

  360. Hey guys,

    I’m Rob, a PPM software implementation consultant from London presently on a contract with a major software development firm in Tel Aviv. This particular company’s Project Management Office and Delivery Teams use MONSTER Excel spreadsheets to maintain their entire resource capacity and demand picture to make decisions about which Projects to do and who to do them internationally.

    In fact, I spend a lot of time working to replace Excel (sorry Chandoo!) in various organisations across a wide range of industries.

    Hence, I need to become an Excel ninja and know it inside out. I am also keen to explore ways in which Excel can be used in conjunction with MS Project to deliver a detailed Programme planning capability and associated metrics.

    Looking forward to getting into it…


  361. Hi! I’m Karen. I live and work in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I am the Assistant Controller for a small airline and we use lots of spreadsheets in the accounting function. However, they are all fairly remedial and I want to improve them and learn Excel to the point where these improvements become easy (easier) to use. I’m hoping the place to do that is here!

  362. Hello, I’m Locksley. I live and work in San Antonio Texas, mainly in contracts and technical accounting. I use Excel almost every day, but it’s been a while since I upgraded my spreadsheet skills. I’ve been following Chandoo for a while, and the opportunity to get in before he raised his prices was too tempting… I believe that skill set improvement is the Locksley Simmons Full Employment Act and I love new ideas and skills. So let’s have fun! and If you need any tourist info on San Antonio, I’d be glad to lend a hand.

  363. Hello,
    THis is Doug J from Lexington, KY. I use excel on a dialy basis for a large corporation. I am constantly pulling data from many tools and sources and need to make since of them to management. I have taught myself VBA but I don’t think I am using it to the fullest. When I found this site I was psyched. I realized I could do many tasks using functions in Excel that I was using VBA for previously. I am excited to join and become awesome(r) in Excel.. 😉

  364. Good Morning>

    My name is Ray Conway. I have worked in the IT field for over 20 years, mainly as a Access Database Developer. Many years, I have alway used Excel mainly for just a transport medium for my reports created in Access. I have discovered that many functions are best suited for the Excel enviroment, as others work better in Access. I needed to sharpen my skils in the creation of dashboards, as most managers perfer this method of reporting. I have been on Chandoo’s news letter for a while, but I wanted to dig deeper to produce better resuts. I beleive that this will enhanse my skillsets to a broader width along with my Access and VBA skills

  365. Hi all!

    I am Francisco, but you can call me Paco. I am from Spain and I am working as a Program Manager.
    Recently, I had to managed financial reports and dashboards for senior management and I noticed I don’t know the huge potencial of excel. I want to become awesome with Excel: present very good charts, dashboards and beign efficient in worksheet analysis and formulas


  366. Hello,
    My name is Kathy and I’m in Washington State, USA. I am planning on becoming
    not only AWESOME in Excel but also an AWESOME project manager. I have tried on at least three different occasions to follow along with MSO training in order to obtain my MSO specialist certification, without results. I am excited to have found Chandoo as I really enjoy his lessons and they are easy for me to follow and understand. Plus I like the fact that I am supporting the Chandoo’s efforts to make us all Awesome at Excel and his family (your wife and naughty twins are beautiful).

  367. Hello,

    My name is John and I live in Cleveland Ohio, (America). I work for US Bank as a Mortgage Default Analyst. I know enough Excel to be dangerous, but I’m no expert. A couple of months ago, I was assigned to a project which required extensive use of our favorite spreadsheet program. While looking for tips on optimizing Excel worksheets, I kept stumbling into Chandoo’s forums. The forums provided me with the instructions to build some really cool (albeit basic) dashboards. After a couple of Supervisors noticed what I did, they promoted me to the Default Analyst position, and look at me like I am some sort of Excel guru (which I do not profess to be whatsoever). Now, I have to produce a very large number of reports on a daily basis. I see tons of room for improvement based on the articles I have read.

  368. Hi,
    My name is Chuck. I work as a risk manager for a reinsurance company in Dallas, TX. Basically we insure insurance companies. I’m probably at the intermediate level of Excel and just want know all I can of what this application can do.

  369. Hi,

    Myvname is yogesh anand. I work as a Sotution Architect in Roamware inc UAE (Dubai). I am working for Etislata UAE Telecom operator and need to lots of stuff on excel 2007 in normal days. I want to become proficient in excel 2007 usage in the operational environmnt.


  370. Hi,
    I am a reporting analyst who has worked with Microsoft products for many years. After working for other people for a couple of decades, I have embarked on work as a consultant for report development, data mining and dashboard creation. This has meant I must work with the tools available to me, as opposed to requesting that a company buy another software. I know that Excel is very powerful and contains more tools for immediate presentation than other specialized programs. Since most companies already own it, I hope to expand my self-taught familiarity.

  371. hi everyone. my name is charles. i am a management consultant and when i was a financial analyst, i had great excel skills, but i need to get back into shape.
    I do a lot of inventory and sales analysis and have gotten very rusty.

  372. Hi, I am Kate and I work for Sony in the UK as a Sales Analyst. I am already fairly confident using Excel – I am already the one people come to with Excel queries. I am hoping to pick up lots of useful hints and tips (particularly around dashboards) and become AWESOME in Excel 🙂

  373. Hello,
    I am Rattan and live in Ottawa, Canada. I am joining this class to learn how to build dashboards. I am a management consultant and occasionally need to prepare communications material with dashboards. I look forward to learning from all of you. Cheers.

    1. @Joe,
      With Excel Classes, specific homework problems are not included. The recreation of the examples shown in the videos or recreation of Excel files in the lessons will constitute lesson homework for Excel Classroom. As you go through lessons, if you encounter any challenges while implementing the formulas, you can post your queries in the relevant lessons and we will assist you with them.

  374. Hi,
    I’m Erich Stein and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I have been in job search for 7 months and am close to landing a very solid position. One of the requirements is a thorough knowledge of Excel 2010 so I am brushing up. I’m looking forward to it!

  375. I am preparing one pivot table summary. Need to split each summary rows and mail to different recipients list. How this can be done?

    Anantha krishna

    1. @Anantha,
      If you are referring to how this can be done using Excel Automation, then the topics related to pivot tables, and selective range selection are dealt with in VBA Classes at Chandoo’s. If you wish to review their content/scope/cost, you can write to purna.duggirala.va@gmail.com. It is beyond the scope of Excel Classes. The goal here is to familiarize members with Excel formulas and Excel functions. However, VBA based automation is not within the scope of these tutorials.

  376. Hi all,

    I am Aditya, just graduated in Chemical Engineering from Bits Pilani. I have been using Excel for a while analyzing lots of Cricket data. Recently I have started using SQL to fetch data and analyze it in Excel in my present company.

    I hope to learn a lot from this program and be productive in my current and future jobs.

  377. Hello Everyone

    I am Wilhemina, I am employed at Constellation Energy in Baltimore Md. I am familar with basics of excel, but would like to learn more. I was recently promoted and am certain using excel in my everyday tasks will allow me to more productive.

  378. Hello,

    I am Jamie, currently working for a global financial firm in NYC. My job requires a lot use of Excel. I am hoping to learning more advance Excel skills that allow me to utilize in real life.

  379. Hello there,

    Chris here from Auckland, NZ. I am working as a performance analyst for a telecom company dealing primarily with optical network traffic. A high level of expertise in Excel is critical with the work I do as I sift through an enormous amount of network data. Number crunching/data analysis is one thing but presenting data in a coherent, understandable and intuitive format for inter/external customers who are mostly technically inclined people is another. Excel is a very powerful tool and I feel I haven’t tapped it’s full functionality as yet, that’s why I opted to subscribe to your Excel school. I need to be not only capable in Excel but also ‘Awesome’ as you put it so I’m glad to be onboard!

  380. Chris here from Auckland, NZ. I am working as a performance analyst for a telecom company dealing primarily with optical network traffic. A high level of expertise in Excel is critical with the work I do as I sift through an enormous amount of network data. Number crunching/data analysis is one thing but presenting data in a coherent, understandable and intuitive format for inter/external customers who are mostly technically inclined people is another. Excel is a very powerful tool and I feel I haven’t tapped it’s full functionality as yet, that’s why I opted to subscribe to your Excel school. I need to be not only capable in Excel but also ‘Awesome’ as you put it so I’m glad to be onboard!

  381. Hello to every one in the class,
    My name is Ghulam Shaikh, I am belonging to Pakistan and working in Saudi Arabia as Accountant. I am married with 2 sons and 2 daughters all of them married with children.
    I am sure you must be guessing what I am doing at this age of 69. I am fond of learning all sorts of knowledge. I am master of Commerce since 1966 with more than 25 years of experience in different types of industries. I am a qualified banker D.A.I.B.P.

  382. 25 years of service in Saudi Arabia. I saw in youtube Mr. Chandoo’s baby steps in excel and immediately joined your class.

    My knowledge in excel is very little and that too on excel 2003. I am new for 2007. I would like to start with ABCD….of excel.

    My purpose of joining the class is learn excel and try to provide training free of charge to all the world as at this age I can not do any thing else than spread my accounting and new knowledge before I meet my God.

    So please bear me with you and if you are interested to know about the life experience regarding any aspect, I am here to help you. My email is Ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com

    Best regards,

    Ghulam Shaikh

  383. Hello everyone,

    My name is Brian Jackson. I work in operations for a telecommunications company in Washington state and have subscribed to this course to help me create useful dashboards for my department.

    I consider myself an intermediate Excel user but look forward to the new insights this course will bring.

  384. Hey everyone
    I am Kanika, working for Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd. I rate myself as a Class 2 grade kid in Excel. I have used it not so frequently and not very much in detail but have always been inquisitive about the mysterious world of Excel. When I see people around me using it so efficiently I feel it has made their tasks so simple. I am looking forward to learning a lot from here.


  385. Hello all!
    My name is Miranda. My husband and I started and Insurance Agency and work here together. I’ve recently come on full time and have been taking over many daily responsibilities that I’m still trying to learn. I need to learn Excel since I’ll be using it a lot and have limited experience with it. Hopefully I’ll be awesome at it when I’m all done!

  386. My name is Jasmin Arismendis. I work for Citi in Tampa, Fl as a procurement analyst. I work with excel on a daily basis and have a mid level knowledge of excel. I plan on developing dashboards and creating efficiencies with the info obtained via this school.

  387. Hi!
    My name is Satish. I work in the Information Management area with a primary focus on Business Intelligence. I cam across your website and I should say I was blow away by the AWSOME dashboards that you created using Excel. I’m looking forward to learn more from this course.

  388. Hi, my name is Rick. I work as an accountant and business valuator in Canada. I have been using Excel as a primiary tool in my work for many years now, but I have never taken any formal Excel training. I am hoping this program will help me take my Excel knowelege and skills to the next level.

  389. Hi! My name is Mona .I want to upgrade my excel skills to get job footage in Canadian job market.Till now i find Excel as a very interesting tool,but in future hope for better hold and to acquire better skills from chandoo.org to reach at higher excel skill levels.

  390. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Pras. I am an Analyst from London. I’ve signed up to learn from the great teacher – Chandoo and become a rockstar in excel.

  391. Hi everyone,

    My name is Albani Gustason. I am a job seeker in Florida. I recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and realized that I need a little fine tuning in the Excel area!

  392. Hi all I am Prasanna Setty.
    I am working as a Design and development engineer for a manufacturing company in Chennai(INDIA). I use excel for my engineering calculations and few other data collection on quality and system control.
    My idea is to learn excel and then move towards learning Dashboard and formulas. According to me Excel is one of the cheapest software available and i would like to use it to its full potential.
    So i think Chandoo will be the right place to learn. With his excel school i think he can guide me to become a CEO(Chief Excel Officer).

  393. Hi all!
    I am Sanjay Malani and working as a civil quantity surveyor/Planning Engineer in construction company in Muscat (Oman), I am using excel since last 10 years.
    I prepare bar bending schedule, chart & building quantities in excel.Howerver it takes 15 to 20 days to complete my project. I would like to enhance my excel skill and save time.


  394. Hello All,

    My name is Jappan Behl. I am based out of Toronto. I work as an Independent IT Consultant in a Hotel Management Company called Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. My job requires advance and frequent use of excel and all powerful modules with in excel. I am very interested to learn, practice and be an except in the excel. I strongly feel that excel is the Most powerful tool and is not utilized to its full capacity by lot of professionals in a Corporate world. So I am hoping to leave this school, recognizing myself as an advance and proficient excel user.

  395. Hi Class

    My name is James. I live in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. I am a C.P.A. working for Pratt Industries, a vertically integrated paper company that owns papermills, corrugating plants and cardboard box plants.

    I have used Excel for quite a few years for my work, however, I haven’t gained a level of expertise that I would like too. There are alot of features of Excel that I would like to learn in order to be “Awesome at Excel”. I’ve looked at alot of Excel websites and I think this is the best I’ve seen.

    I think its great to be involved in a community of like minded students, and I’m looking forward to the Excel School.

    1. Hi James, I’m new to this course also and looking forward to learning how to be “awesome at Excel.” I’m a business analyst wose main role is to support accounting with their reporting needs from our data warehouse. Would you be interested in being email buddies? Because I think we could help each other out. Let me know by checking the notify via email check box below please. Thanks!

  396. Hi All,

    I am Prashanth. I work in an Apparel retail company. Chandoo inspired me to join Excel school through his blog. Looking forward for the class. Thanks .

  397. Namaskaram to all,

    I am Rahul Vijay Bohora, I am working as a Systems guy at a research firm. The idea of learning excel in an interactive way with examples has drawn me to the course. I would be learning with so many intelligent ladies and gentleman is what makes my experience richer and more interesting. Hope Chandoo provides me that platform to excel in excel and overall excel my career to achieve great heights!

    Thanks, Rahul:)

  398. Hi all,
    I am Katie Detmer. I work for ADx Laboratories at National Jewish Health based in Colorado, world renowned for expertise in mycobacteriology, complement deficiencies, immunology, biomarker evaluation and companion diagnostics.

    I am involved in Lean Six-Sigma and am looking forward to advancing my skill with dashboards and data management. I’ve been following Chandoo for quite some time and am so excited to be part of this class!

  399. Hi to all!
    From Russia with love and passion for learning!
    I am very happy that I have found this school and like a perspective to say I am proud to learn Excel from and with the best experts in the world.

    Let’s get started and good lessons to all!

  400. Hello!

    I am Sue Peterson. I am a registered nurse and work for the trauma program at a Level I trauma center in San Francisco, CA. I manage our trauma registry and work with data and spreadsheets every day. I would like to be more proficient with excel and also learn to create dashboards. I would like to easily and quickly “see” where we are with our performance improvement measures and also communicate our progess in an easy-to-understand, visually pleasing way to hospital administrators and outside agencies.

    I’m excited to get started on this journey with everyone!

  401. Hi All,

    me…Rajasekhar working as quality manager in Aricent group.

    Happy to be part of this learning community and look forward to colloborate and interact with all of you for successful learning

    Thanks in advance,
    Rajasekhar K

  402. Hi All, I am Norman Aquino working in the construction sector of the Alberta oilsand. Been using Primavera scheduling software with Excel for analysis and reporting. Glad to have found this industry grade learning for Excel.

    Nice feeling to be with the group,


  403. Hello! I am Kathi and I am the owner of a Lean Six Sigma consultancy. My clients ask for ever increasingly complex dashboards to help them convert business data into management intelligence which they use to sustain the improvements we’ve made in their businesses. We work together to improve their business operations in all aspects – revenue generation, operation efficiencies, customer satisfaction, management capabilities. I’m looking forward to taking my excel capabilities to the next level in order to provide greater value to my clients.

  404. Hi , my name is Junizar Iwan Halim.
    I am working in one of the telco company over here in Indonesia and have been with Excel for years. I need this excel knowledge for more to accompany me and team while working with SAP, excel help us a lot in composing report and data we can see better.

    I want to learn further more about how I can sell my report to reach the attention of my superior or other management in reporting, so I want to learn how to create xl dashboard and to learn some more new stuff in formula and vba , and be one who can at least mastering excel in a good way.

    Since all data are being created in table , so it will convenience that I can generate dashboard, report directly out of those tables.

    So I am glad to study xl further.

  405. Hello! I’m Peter Marinelli. I’m doing IT Project Management in the Chicago suburbs. I hope to become as awesome as possible, so I can do advanced data analysis and also help my colleagues with Excel questions on the job.
    I think Chandoo is awesome and I look forward to the course!

  406. Hi

    I am Omer Kamal. I am always looking to better myself in excel. I look forward to this course. I am involved in building reports, financial and data analysis, and accounting.

  407. Hi Folks, I am Ramanuj. I am working as a Senior Financial Analyst at Deloitte and Touche, Muscat. I am looking forward to get a good grasp of the basic techniques of Excel in this course.

  408. Hi Everyone,

    I am Sachin Mallya. I work for ABB Ltd in Bangalore as a project manager. I am happy to be part of this learning group and look forward to becoming awesome in Excel along with all of you.

    Happy Learning!

  409. Hiya All

    lookin forward to the course and sharing experiences with this learning group – I manage a survey team for the nhs in eng. We need to update the way we present our patient experience info and im hoping this course will equip me with the skills to do just that!!!

  410. Hello,

    My name is Andy Lewis and I am a marketing director. I am more of a strategist than an analyst, but my data dependency is too strong to rely on the good will of the analysts in the business.

  411. Hello everyone

    I am a Master Lean Leader with GE Healthcare in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I use data in Excel all the time and look forward to learning ways to make data visual with the dashboards and tricks to saving time with formulas.

  412. Hi everyone

    I’m a bank strategist in North Carolina, and I use Excel all the time. I’m looking to lift my game in analysis, charting, and dashboards, and I’d like to help my colleagues through examples.

  413. Hi! I’m Marina. I live in Russian city Bryansk and work as a marketing communication manager. I’m interested in data visualisation. I want to improve my Excel skills, especially charting for creating presentations. Hope the school will teach me create great charts and dashboards!

  414. Hi everyone,
    My name is Almira Omerovic and I am CRM (Client Relation Managment) specialist at Deloitte, Vancouver, Canada.
    I do a lot of reports for our managers and partner. I do excel dashboard and pivot table all the time. My aim is to improve my dashboard reports and pivot table reports and move to next level with very powerful reports, which will help company to gain more profit in future.
    I also wish to use different formula in my reports as well
    I am very excited to learn more about this powerful software, which might open more doors for me in future.

  415. Hello everyone,
    My name is Ed Ebert, and I work for a large grain processing company in the U.S. I am interested in becoming awesome at Excel, and incorporating dashboards into reports and presentations. I am excited to learn and get started.

  416. Hello everybody ,
    i am quite happy to join class and it is a wonderful feeling. i am working in Infosys and have been in IT industry for more than 16 years.

    I feel Excel is one toll which makes life easy for people like me specially in Project management.

    i look forward to learn and learn ……….excel all the way

  417. Hi There:
    My Name is Juan Francisco form Mexico. I make 1921 Tequila and found a company in USA to import and distribute our Tequila in USA.
    I need excel to create budgets and follow up sales.

    It is a pleasure to share this classes with you
    Salud !!!

  418. Hello Everybody,

    My Name is Navtej Gill and I am working as Microsoft SharePoint Consultant for Wells Fargo Bank based in San Franscisco, California, USA. The project in hand is to develop dashboards using SharePoint 2007 Excel Services. And I realized, I need thorough understanding of the Excel 2007, hence I stumbled on this great site while doing net search on dashboard articles. I like the information presented in various videos, and hope to create awesome dashboards for my manager.

    I look forward to learn and share my experience using Excel with everybody and wish all the success and best in life.


  419. My name is Tom. I own a system integration business, TCR Solutions, LLC, in northern Wisconsin, USA. My clients need to be able to spend less time reading multiple reports and more time running their companies. I want to be able to provide client specific dashboard to them as a service.

  420. Hello Group.

    I am a pitch man for projects seeking investment capital. I am in progress of improving my financial modeling skill set the cornerstone of which is Excel.

    May the force be with us!

  421. John Angelsen

    I live in Norway and work as a manager in a real erstate company, developing apartment projects. I am also part owner in a travel company. I use exel A lot in my work, and I like the program. My goal is to learn more and make more advanced sheets.

  422. Hi All,
    Great to see (virtually) all eager excel learners. I am a Financial Controller in a leading electronic Industry in Kenya. I use a lot of excel and my aim is to be able to develop snapshot reports for the Management rather than presenting a lot of data and I am sure the school will help to achieve this. Eventually I would like to develop financial analysis spreadsheets that can be beneficial to other businesses. I hope I can achieve this.

    Nairobi, Kenya

  423. Hi, I am Shibulal. Working for a telecom company. Need to explore the usage of excel in financial reporting and automation. Hope the learning will be much happier and useful.

  424. Hi Everybody,

    I am Tejashree. Everyone calls me Teju.I work in our family business of manufacturing electromechanical valves for Ammonia refrigeration. I am a mechanical engineer and want to set up an Excel dashboard for tracking various parameters in our company.I hope I will be able to do that at the end of this course.

  425. Hi! I’m Raj Sidana and work for the largest HMO in the USA and live in Los Angeles. I need to brush up my Excel skills and also develop a dashboard for senior executives. I look forward to the next few months to get a better hands on experience with Excel.



  426. Hi I am Steve Ross

    Im in Yalgoo Western Australia and I work as a Commercial Manager on a copper mine. I work with SAP but I believe Excel is always superior to the reporting packages we use and I would like to improve my skills to get an edge. Particulary interested in Dash boards and automatic update from database extracts.

    I like the beach cycling and look forward to spending hols getting some skills on the above.

  427. Hi, I’m Shanna in New York. I work at Bloomberg TV. Lot of great stuff I can do with excel and the Bloomberg terminal. Need to be more familiar with functions. Look forward to being awesome!

  428. Srinivas believes teaching as an enthusiastically dynamic process for transferring knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of implicit and explicit contents. With an inspired zeal to make a difference in the lives of individuals who want to go beyond the obvious, Srinivas has for the past several years co-actively engaged himself in the profession of helping people skyrocket in their personal and professional quest.

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    I like to stress that teaching and learning need to be fun, interactive, and engaging in meaningful ways. Teaching in the 21st century requires educators to have technical competence to properly and effectively apply a variety of research-based instructional methods and technologies to deliver subject matters in ways that maximize students’ learning regardless of their preferred learning styles. What is equally important is the ability to locate, analyze, synthesize, and organize relevant teaching resources that reflect real world experiences and match respective interests of various generations of learners.

  429. Hi all, I’m Andrew in Sydney, Australia. I work as an analyst for a family wine company and am looking to boost my Excel skills to enhance reporting inside our business.

  430. HI, I’m CL and I work as an analyst at a logistics company in the US. I work alot in Excel as well as VBA. My goal is to be more effective at developing dashboards and develop analysis with better design. Chandoo-greatly appreciate the help with charts especially!
    Looking forward to learn more effective and efficient ways to work in Excel!

  431. Hello Everyone,

    Myself Kamala Shettigar, I am working with Content VAS Vendor(basically We are into business of souring content to Telecom Operator.) as “Business Analyst”. My work involves making lots of reports, using Excell. I am keen to learn Dashboard also want to further enhance my knowledge about Excell. I am sure that this online training helps me to enhance my excell skill.

  432. Hi all,

    My name is Nazario and I am from Houston, Texas. I recently graduated with a bachelor degree in business administration with a major in accounting. After my first professional interview I realized how important excel was and immediately started looking for a way to learn it. I hope to enjoy and learn a lot from this.

  433. Hi there–I learned about Chandoo’s website after reading Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup. I remembered someone from college who was so obsessed with Excel, but I didn’t understand how so then. NOW I see why. Basically, I can see myself become an Excel ninja and apply this skill to benefit my work, and my personal projects. What’s more? I like to design beautiful, practical, and easy-to-read applications to simplify my life.

  434. Hi, I am Greg Awai, on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. I am hoping to become awesome in Excel, and Excel School seemed like a good place to start

  435. Hi all,
    I am 46 years old male from Kerala, India, working as supervisor in a consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi. I would like to know more about excel in detail and that is why I joined in the online excel class. I hope I can learn more in advanced excel.

    I wish all of you success in this course

  436. Hi all,

    I am Jayachandran 46 years old male from India. I would like to learn more in excel and that’s why I joined in this class.
    I wish all success all of you and hope we can learn some advance topics in excel


  437. Cindy W.
    I’ve been using basic excel for 15 years but never taken the time to learn its power. I’m very interested in learning how to create a dynamic dashboard for presentation of my department KPI’s to Senior Management.

  438. Hi everyone,

    My goal is to learn how to use Excel more efficiently, how to layout Excel projects for maximum productivity and acquire advance Excel skills. Good luck to all in your Excel endeavors.


  439. Greetings All,

    My name is Sarah. I have been utilizing Excel for many years but have not had the opportunity (until now) to augment my skill set. I will be producing dashboards for Senior Leadership as well as other reports in Excel thus am looking forward to learning as much as possible.

    Best regards,

  440. Hi I am Abhinav Thakur,

    I have my own medical device company. I want to learn excel to prepare MIS reports, analytics and budgets.

    Looking forward to this course to help me monitor and grow my business.

  441. My name is Kasha;

    I live in London. I work in sales and spent a lot of time analysing numbers. I need to improve my excel skills to be able to do my analysis even faster.

  442. Hi all,

    My name is Nisha and working for an educational testing company in USA. I have generated an iteractive excel file with the chart using different selection criterias (basicall for different districts). I have a request to generate seperate excel files (including data and chart) for each district. Does anyone have the macros to copy the data and chart to new excel file?

    Thanks so much!

  443. Hi! My name is Michele and I work for a health system. I’ve been using excel for many years but I would like to learn more shortcuts and I want to get better at creating dashboards to make my work more efficient. I went through some of the basic tutorials offered on Chandoo’s website and it was so easy to follow and I actually picked up a few tips that I did not know about before! I am excited to learn! Thank you.

  444. Hi! My name is Marianne Herse. I work as an analyst for an Investment Company in New Jersey. I use excel daily but have never really learned how to use any of the formulas, charts etc. I pretty much have taught myself what I know so I’m looking forward to learning excel the right way.

  445. Hello I’m Tom Grant, I am a technology trainer for a mid-size law firm in Philadelphia, Pa. USA. I am always looking to improve upon my Excel knowledge so I decided to look into dashboards.

  446. Hi I’m Sean O’Mara, I am a business analyst for a retail company in Toronto. I am looking to increase my overall Excel efficiency and create effective dashboards.

  447. Hi, I am Shinoj Kalyadan, I am working as a Mechanical Designer for a manufacturing firm in Sydney, Australia. I am not a regular user of excel.
    I do part time MBA at the moment and had to do lot of reports for my projects. So, I thought of joining Excel school and be ‘awesome’..

  448. Hi,
    I’m Lakshmi , currently working for a independent CPA in Los Angeles USA. I’m a CPA and my nature of work requires a good deal of excel. I am excited that this school will make me very comfortable with excel . Thank you.

  449. Hi,
    I’m Kathy Gast from Chicago, Il, USA. I’m retired after 25 yrs of working in healthcare quality management and using Excel daily. I’m still using Excel in my volunteer work and want to continue learning more especially with the development of dashboards.

  450. Hello everyone,

    I am Ismail (Ish) Fuseini from Philadelphia, PA. I currently work as a cloud programs coordinator helping launch marketing campaigns for cloud solutions. I am beginning to create many reports to help marketing managers see how effective their campaigns are. I’d like to be able to provide information in a way that is easily digestible.

  451. Hi-

    Apparently my membership for excel school has expired, and I would like to access some of the lessons again. Is there anyway to activate my membership, or is the only option to pay the tuition a second time (which, of course, I am unwilling to do)?

    Thank you.

  452. Hi Chandoo,

    Require your help. I wanted to convert the value 02-2432196-01 into text. The end result should be 02243219601 in text format.

    Please help a little urgent.

    1. @Fayaz,
      Currently Excel school does not include Analysis tools. Excel School Lesson plan is always upgraded to include lessons requested for by members, if the same request is raised by many. Please write in your request for additional lessons to Chandoo at chandoo.d@gmail.com and he will revert to you regarding its feasibility.

  453. Hi. all Excel friends
    I am khang

    I am returning student. to learn more advanced excel techniques that I want to apply in project management progress tracking charts. for both time and $$, and manpowers

    Enjoy learning… my personnal email is ackhang@gmail.com
    Hope we exchange project managemetn here! cheers

    Tight schedule …

  454. I work for a packaging company, where I look after the digital marketing for the business. I am looking forward to learning lots of useful things to help me do my job better, as excel is on of the main tools I use for sorting data, reporting, and presenting.

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