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  1. Dear Chandoo,

    I am preparing a dashboard in which I want to insert a dynamic bar chart at one place. I would like the bar chart to change based on values in cell range, say, A1:B16. The values in this cell range are returned based on two data validations set up elsewhere in the dashboard. Total six value sets are returned. The values that are returned do not fill up the entire A1:B16 range. Therefore, based on the values in A1:B16, I will like to have six different bar charts. These bar charts will dynamically show up depending on user input (through data validation).

    I am not able to crack this – how to return the desired value sets in A1:B16? What should I use : Index, Offset, Match?

    Please help me.

    And BTW, it has been a great learning experience for me so far…

    Best regards
    GS Seda

    1. Hi Seda,

      Simple thing would be to create a mirror range in say D1:E16. In this write a formula like =IF(A1=””,NA(),A1) and fill the entire range. This way, whenever A1:B16 is empty, we show NA() in the corresponding cells in D1:E16. Now, use this range for your chart. When the filter output is empty, automatically, the chart re-adjusts as NA() values are not displayed in the chart.

  2. Hi ,
    I’ve seen the ‘Excel Dashboard to Celebrate India’s World-cup Victory ‘ spreadsheet but I’m interested to look how you’ve done it. Could you add it to the link of the dashboard section ?


  3. Dear Chandoo,

    Hi. I have somehow missed the link of the page where in u have given ur comments for dashboards which were part of a competition.

    Awaiting yr reply at the earliest.


  4. Hi Chandoo,

    I am yet to start with my learning with lesson plan you have in place. But for work I need to prepare a excel spreadsheet that could track list of activities that are lined up for each month. So basically on certain dates of each month we have complete a list of acitivities and on other days we have a list of adhoc activities that need to be completed.

    Wondering if you have a template that could be used to not only capture this on a monthly basis but also something that would give us an annual view ? The reason why need an annual view to understand which months are the most busy for us and to see if we could push back some work onto other free months. Hope this makes sense ? Please Helpppp !!


    1. Hi Sid,

      Can you share a sample of your existing worksheet that you use to track the same. It’s not possible to have generic solutions to cater to every need. However, upon review of the data that you need to be tracked, we might be able to assist you further with this.

    1. @Manish,
      Certain actions cannot be performed on a Shared workbook. The only workaround is to unshare the workbook, make the changes, and then share it again. The same holds true for multiple sheets being selected. We need to unselect multiple sheets, make the changes and then reselect the required sheets to make the common changes as required.

    1. @Clayton,
      All the dashboards prepared in the lessons and bonus lessons are available as download links beneath the videos in each lesson. If there was another template pack offered with the membership, you can get the details of the same from Ravindra by writing to him at purna.duggirala.va@gmail.com

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