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65 thoughts on “Please log-in to access that page”

  1. Hi

    i have registered in last batch for downloading the excel school lessons

    I want to download the lessons now

    can u help

    Kalyan G

  2. We are having the same problem: paid for the class yesterday, was sent all of the log-in info, put it all in to try and get the lesson plan but the screen here is reading “Please Log-in to access that page.” What’s up?

  3. Hi ,
    My name is Bronwyn. I work in Australia for a State Government department. I am looking forward to improving my Excel skills particularly in advanced formulas and dashboards. I would also like to complete the VBA lessons later in 2012.

    1. Hi yuvi,
      We had already moved you (after upgrading )to VBA classes and informed the same to you. please check your emails at your both email ids
      Thank you
      Student Admin)

  4. Hi Chandoo, I purchased the complete package last year. Did not have much time to spend on the classroom till now. When I tried to access the download page, it says I might not have signed up for it. Please help. Thanks!

  5. I am having the same problem as Serene Tan. Ironically, I am attempting to sell this school to a bunch of my colleagues, and I can’t demonstrate the materials and website to the manager who is about to sign up a bunch of people for an Excel training class… It sure would be nice to be able to demonstrate the material for her so I can get you a bunch more students!

  6. hi chandoo

    as i informed u last time that due to back operation

    i could not concentrate on classes except few days of the beginining
    i want to relearn and refresh as i could not focus

    so pls allow me to restart the course and grant me eligible time
    i hope u will undertsand my problem.

  7. Hi Chandoo,

    I paid for the excel course and due to time constraits was not able to complete all lessons. WhenI try to access, I have very limited access. Is there a time limit to accessing the excel school, or once you have paid, do you have continued access?


    1. Hi Neha,
      Thank you for the comment.
      You have subscribed for the classes on Jan 13, 2011 and the subscription is valid for one year from the date of subscription.
      However you can extend the subscription by playing a little amount.
      Send us an email to to know the price for extension and to get an invoice.
      Thank you

  8. Hi Chandoo,
    My duration to access the downloadable content is expired, But still i face some problems in day to day working in excel. Can i ask my queries?
    Also i am stuck with stupid problem. In excel please let me know how i can convert lakhs format in millions? for example:
    i want to convert
    1,14,200 into
    Please help

    1. @Bharat,
      The comma format in Excel will default to millions if your regional setting as set to US. Otherwise, it will show the regional setting number format as per the region selected in Windows Region Settings.

    1. @Arun,
      Are you still facing the issues with download or Access to the lessons? This could be because of account activation delay, and as you did not repost this concern, I’m hoping you were able to access and download the lessons. If you are still facing these issues, please do write to with your concern.

  9. Hi chandoo,

    I have dashboard member ship, but currently while trying to access the lesson, its not allowing me to access.

    Kindly help on same


  10. Hi Chandoo,
    I havent logged in for a while as I have been moving country. Has my membership expired? I can not longer access the classes? Can you confirm my status.



    1. @Doug
      As you have upgraded your subscription, we have moved you to VBA classes, where you can get all the material for Excel, VBA and DB.(Please refer our email Dated August 31)
      Please Visit VBAClasses.
      Thank you

  11. Hi Chandoo,

    I was trying to access some class material but was unable to do so. I had paid for this course and of what I recall, I could revisit old lessons and material shared with me when my registration was live. Could you please help me with issue.


  12. @ssa
    i have one requirement is
    if i have three rows A and B and C
    and i have value in all rows with three decimal point like 2.340,4.568,9.54.786,23.986,102.231,33.333
    and i want to highlight value that which is lowest value
    and the value remain after divide/2
    like 102,234 value=.231 and in 2.34 remain value is .34 , and 33.333 value=1.333

    1. @Rahul,
      I’ll request you to post queries in relevant lesson plan sections to allow everyone to benefit from them. Please post this query in conditional formatting lessons. To get you started, you will need a MOD formula and conditional formatting formula rules to get your result.

  13. @ssa
    if i use this formula value shows true
    but in conditional formatting i apply this formula but it not showing true result..
    and i click on conditional formatting lesson but my membership duration has been over now so i have to jump on this page automatically..
    and i will renew it

  14. @ssa
    i got the ans i use formula
    =MOD($A1,2)=$C$5 in conditional formatting
    but problem with this is its highlight only last one match value instead of all match value

    1. @Rahul,
      I’ll reiterate that you should post your queries in the relevant lessons. If your membership has expired, please post queries in Chandoo PHD excel forums or consider renewing your membership.

  15. Hi Chandoo,
    I haven’t logged in for a while. Has my membership expired? I can not longer access the classes? Can you confirm my status.



  16. I am a paid online student. I was doing a powerpoint project at work, so had to focus on that. Now I am here in the office and trying to get information to do my job, and I can’t get into class. What’s up?

  17. Hi Chandoo

    I am a paid member for the Dashboard tutorial..could not finish the classes last time could you pl help me access the section ?

    Appreciate your help

  18. i have registered in earlier batch for excel school dashboard level.

    I want to download the lessons now. Please help.

    Anantha krishna

  19. hi,

    I am working on a Leave report for my process. here’s what i am trying to do, if an employee submits a leave application for a specific period, i want to know how many employees have already been given leaves in that period. I have roster for the employees, so if an employee submits a leave application from 8 June 2104 to 20 June 2014, i want my report to show how many leaves are already approved in that period..


  20. Hi I suscribed to your course in Feb 2012 but never had the time to do the assignments due to personal reasons, could I access the course material again ?

    Thank you,
    Claire Bougie

  21. Hi,

    I had undertaken your course some time ago. I finished with all lessons, however i did not realize that the completion certificate could be requested at the end.

    Could you please post me or email a completion certificate?

    Thank you

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