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38 thoughts on “Downloads Page – All Lesson Downloads”

  1. Chandoo,
    Please let me know Lessons in Conditional formatting part 1, 2, 3 are same or different, because when i downloaded chapters1 and 2, same size of file having same name are being downloaded .

  2. Hi Chandoo,
    Hope you are doing good. This is to inform you i am not able to download Excel for beginners -10 videos, as when i click the link i am getting message page not found.

  3. Hey Chandoo,
    In continuation to my previous post , please find the message what i am getting while downloading the chapter Excel for beginners -10 videos:

    Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. But don’t worry; simply pick an option from the list below, and you’ll be back out riding the waves of the Internet in no time.
    * Hit the “back” button on your browser. It’s perfect for situations like this!
    * Head on over to the home page.
    * Punt.
    Please help

  4. Hi Chandoo,

    for the chapters Bar And column chart formatting and 7 advance charting tutorial – the video is the same but the excel are different.

    Request you to please check as I am getting same video for dwld for both the chapters


    1. @Neha… I have zipped together the files for few lessons so that you can downloaded fewer files. Can you verify if the lesson videos are available in different folders?

  5. Hi Chandoo

    I am enjoying your school. Thank you.

    I am unable to download the 10 video series… Excel for beginners. Just an FYI, I have a mac, does that make a difference?

    Keep up the good work

  6. Hi Chandoo

    There doesn’t seem to be any HTML files etc in with “excel text formulas”. I’ve had a look through all the others and this seems to be the only one.


  7. Chandoo, I have downloaded them so I can do them later, but the files are not named the same so it is very hard to figure out which one I need to do next. Can you make a spreadsheet of lesson plan and file name so I can follow easier?

          1. Ravindra,
            here is a copy of a post that Mark wrote:
            Mark Coontz September 19, 2011 at 5:53 pm
            Chandoo, I have downloaded them so I can do them later, but the files are not named the same so it is very hard to figure out which one I need to do next. Can you make a spreadsheet of lesson plan and file name so I can follow easier?

            He refers to a spreadsheet of lesson plans and file names. Then Chandoo posted:
            Chandoo October 1, 2011 at 1:02 am
            @Mark… very good idea, somehow missed this. I will upload such lesson plan and share the link with all during next 10 days.

            I am looking for the link to the spreadsheet that lists lesson plans and file names so I can link each together.

    1. @Shallabh,

      The links are same for the Excel Solution files and download versions for the lesson because the solutions are included in a common file which caters to both the Data Filters/sorting and Data validation. However, the lesson links for the two are individual as these two topics have been discussed individually for clarity.

  8. @chandoo
    sir, here is big inconvenience in downloading the lessons because i couldn’t recognise that “which lesson is zipped together and which one is separate”?
    and when i download the two lessons of condition formatting, lessons have same name and size “if all are same than you should not give three links and if all different than give them separate name and size. its happen in many lessons
    note:-[its only advice from me]

    1. @Ankur,
      The lesson for offset formula is working properly. I believe the file server went down for a few hours and that could have caused it to not work properly when you checked. It should play fine online as well as for the download. If you still face issues, please let us know. I’ll request you to post your comments in the relevant Lesson rather than on the lesson plan or Download Index page to allow everyone to benefit from your queries as well.

  9. Hi Chandoo,
    Just wanted to know why would the below formula will not work in main excel cell. Below formula is from the conditional formatting lesson. Fact is the below formula works fine in CF



    1. @Ankur,
      Again a reminder. Please post your queries or comments on the lesson page for which you have a query. The reason this doesn’t work in Excel cell directly is because this is an array formula. To make this work in an excel cell, you will need to enter the formula and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER rather than ENTER key only. This tells Excel that it should be treated as an array formula and excel will compute it accordingly. Since, conditional formatting doesn’t allow for entering CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER type of array formula, Excel will automatically calculate the range formulas such as the one mentioned by you as array formula in Conditional formatting.

    1. @Ankur,
      I am not sure which Dashboard lesson, which symbol, and which conditional formatting you are referring to. Please post your query in the relevant lesson page stating the video time stamp where the point in question is being addressed, or the Excel file name with reference to sheet/cell name which has the character which you are referring to. Please avoid posting lesson specific queries in Download section and Lesson Plan page.

    1. @Aditya,

      If you will download and extract the zip archive, you will find that the zip file contains both the lessons: Bar Chart tips and 7 Advanced Charting tutorials. Since the lessons are linked, the download file is combination of the two lessons. This is done for other linked lessons as well e.g. Conditional Formatting archive has lessons for all three lessons.

    1. @Alan,
      We do not have a lesson yet on Power Pivots. These being an Add-on advanced function, the Excel School does not yet have a lesson for the same. You can raise a request with Chandoo for the same if required. However, MS online reference on Power Pivots does provide a very nice introduction on the same if you need to get a quick start.

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